21 December 2007


About 6 months ago I made a little gumnut baby for Audrey - remembering primary school days! She called it John. Then a month ago we happened across a pile of gumnuts sitting in a grassy spot near the beach and Audrey exclaimed "Johns!!" We quickly gathered them and have just finished assembling our Johns to give to the family for Christmas.... I like the purple one best. Audrey likes the pink, of course.

Christmassy fun

Well its been too busy to post as we did things so I'll wrap it all up into one...

We've done an activity advent calendar this year which has led to lots of fun stuff for Big Owlet and given us happy little distractions each day. It was rather slap dash, but here's what Big Owlet woke up to on December 1.
I think everyone's favorites have been painting toenails, crazy hair and dinner-time dressups. Undies on one's head never fails to amuse.

There's been lots of cooking going on too...

19 November 2007

One day soon...

Oohh I just love these fabrics!! My girls both need some new summer clothes, so I've added some lovely new fabrics to my stash... now to pull my finger out and find the time to make something. Waiting doesn't seem to work and the days are getting warmer, like a little niggling reminder that it needs to be done...

14 October 2007

Purple and Green

A recent clean out of the fridge uncovered an overabundance of purple and green foods so we had a purple and green day! Look at our yummy broccoli soup, sauerkraut and beetroot and chocolate muffins!!!

11 July 2007

Well 3 months down and not much activity! I'm designing a new winter range for my work and the inspiration has finally started to flow now that our busy move is behind us. In my spare moments I have begun knitting squares for the fair for the Steiner school that Audrey goes to. Its not very creative - garter stitch is about all I can manage right now - but I'm loving making things with my hands again and the colours are just so lovely to work with I had to post!

6 April 2007

new beginnings

Another period of change is looming at our house and it seems an ideal time to begin writing and reminding myself to find beauty in it all... We are about to embark on a huge adventure, a new house, a blank canvas. We'll need to be tricky about how we do this, but there is lots of fun to be had I'm sure, and a chance to let the creativity flow again