26 December 2012

Merry Goosecheese!


This owlet. At bedtime, she dubbed it the best day ever, despite predicting earlier that it was probably going to be "the second best Christmas ever", beaten only by Tiny's first Christmas when family were here with us. She gave a little, received everything she could possibly want, ate what she liked and did her favourite things all day... This second-hand Jar Jar Binks figurine made her day and made her so happy she cried. She's possibly the only child in the world who's ever loved Jar Jar Binks that much...


This owlet, although she didn't receive everything on her (rather extensive) list of wants and needs, made the most of it and flittered around, making herself busy and getting swept away by the spirit of things...


She cleaned up everything on her plate, which took a very. long. time....


This owlet woke up and whispered "Mama. Goosecheese. Day!" in her cutest of toddlery voices... Then she just thundered along with her usual gusto and thoroughly enjoyed the play dough we made her. As usual, the simplest, least expensive gift was loved the best... and she'd been itching to test out her sisters' playdough equipment ever since the our last batch went in the bin. She ate, drank, slept, stripped off nude, cuddled her new teddy and was merry all day.


There was lots to feel merry about. Pandoro and fruit for breakky - most definitely not grain free, but we make concessions at Christmas time for special indulgences... Honey roast chook stuffed with quinoa, dates, cranberries, apricots and almonds... Roast vegies... Watermelon, fetta and mint salad and lettuce, mango, snowpea and pecan salad... With fresh local berries and home made vanilla bean ice cream for post-nap dessert. Our quiet day at home turned out to be quite lovely and special.

My Loot #colourcoordinated #pretty #luckymoi

I was thoroughly spoiled with gorgeous gifts from Huz and my family... All very thoughtful and lovely. An insulated cup with a lid - no more cold tea! The diary and wallet I'd hoped for, some organic mascara and some reading should I have a spare moment next year (I hope so!). Then beautiful handmade gifts from Siz and her fam - a necklace, pretty spoons and a screen printed tea towel! And everything's colour co-ordinated! Excellent!

Next year is shaping up to be pretty spesh already for me. I have lots of reflections and plans going on and I'm so glad for this week for that.

How about you? Did you have a good Tuesday? Or a merry Goosecheese?
Do you have big plans for next year?

Hope you're surrounded with love.
Wishing you all good things. xx

Our Handmade Christmas


Just when I thought there was no time for handmade this year... We managed hessian hearts for the tree...


A thrifted box found by a dear friend became a last minute sewing box gift for Little Owlet...


And a tidy up of my crafting stash yielded a toddler sewing basket for Tiny Owlet.


Big Owlet tried her hand at felting for her sisters...


Little Owlet sewed for Tiny and decorated a picture frame for Huz and some hair clips for Big Owlet.


A jar of bright, glittery playdough appeared...


While we waited for the biscuits to bake. And somehow the joy of giving meant more this year than ever.

Did you have time for handmade this year? xx

23 December 2012

Finding our festive...

Well there was a big run to the finish there, wrapping and posting all our Spiral Garden orders on time... and then space. Quiet and time to gather ourselves and our thoughts and breathe a bit. We've had a lovely week or so spending time focusing our energy on feeling thankful for the year we've had, enjoying the summer, and celebrating it, marking the days with little activities and treats... Mangoes for solstice, decorating the most beautiful tree with beautiful gifted and handmade ornaments, scoffing nog and cookies... happy times! As much a the traditions of a Southern Hemisphere Christmas seem at odds with each other, and the elements, I do love it so!

16 December 2012

sunday snippets

My first sunset pic! #sunset #evening #clouds
I've never climbed this high before! #climb #tree #climber
Took the girls to see the king tide this morning. #unschooling
Mmmm.....strawberries straight from my garden#strawberries #gardening
Tiny sat down beside me, leaned her head in my shoulder and, for the first time, said "luv oo mama". Then she took a selfie. #tinymilestones #myheartexploded #tiny #selfie
Tiny Funkster. Oh yes, and she is holding half a nectarine in her left hand. So rock.

Joining in with {tinniegirl}

Big Owlet joined instagram last week... so the above is a collaborative effort between Huz, Big Owlet and me. xx

14 December 2012

advent :: fruit + festive

The second light of Advent is the light of plants. 
Roots, stem, leaf, flower and fruit by whom we live and grow. 

We've been so ridiculously busy. Every spare moment has seen Huz and I pop on our extra festive Spiral Garden hats. Which is fun, but rather all consuming. Our weekend advent(ures) have been a much needed break and moment to stop and spend time together, and for the most part, we just have fun hanging out away from all the usual stuff of our nest. Last weekend we went fruit picking...


We spent much of the time at the farm, and much of the week after, guzzling cherries and berries which tells us that Christmas is almost here and hadn't we better get on with all the festive stuff now? Nope... not feeling it yet. So far the tree has been trimmed and dubbed "the lamest tree ever". And most of this week's advent activities have ended in tears as we negotiate the individual needs of five different people all moving at different paces. So the kingdom of plants is getting a bit of an extension. We're going to go back to last Saturday and the drive home eating berries and start over again, this time being ever more mindful and slow and thoughtful about it. Perhaps then the festive will come? xx

10 December 2012

advent :: stones


We've had such a lovely time weaving our way through the week with our Waldorfy themed activity advent. Our week of stones saw some lovely quiet crafting and time together during the week, after our more adventurous weekend. I'm really enjoying the moments to pause each day and remember to put aside all the busy-busy that happens at this time of year. It's keeping me in line so I don't get carried away with the tide...

How about you? How are you travelling? xx

Advent day three :: paint and adopt a pet rock :: Gift :: stones
Advent day four :: make a summer seasonal table :: Gift :: crystals
Advent day five ::  read a bedtime story together :: Gift :: a beeswax candle
Advent day six :: make a necklace or decorations from shells :: Gift :: shells

5 December 2012



The first light of Advent is the light of stones. 
Stones that live in crystals, seashells, and bones. 

We've been thinking lots about freedom and following our bliss lately. Finding treasure where it is least expected. And taking time to slow down. We've been letting lots of things go. Continuing our whole-life declutter. Huz and I are reinventing our home, ourselves and our life in ways that nourish and nurture us. And it makes life so much easier and more fun. We're looking at each thing/pastime and asking "Does this fit in our dream home/life?" If not, we let it go. It feels sooooo good. Simple and free. And with all the stuff we have on and the little nest we live in, it's become necessary. We still have a way to go, but we can see what we want and what we need to do much more clearly. Yay for that! 

Have you done any decluttering of late? 
Are you looking forward to the new year/ turning over a new leaf and all that?

Advent Day Two :: go on a treasure hunt. 
Gift :: Bliss balls.