16 December 2012

sunday snippets

My first sunset pic! #sunset #evening #clouds
I've never climbed this high before! #climb #tree #climber
Took the girls to see the king tide this morning. #unschooling
Mmmm.....strawberries straight from my garden#strawberries #gardening
Tiny sat down beside me, leaned her head in my shoulder and, for the first time, said "luv oo mama". Then she took a selfie. #tinymilestones #myheartexploded #tiny #selfie
Tiny Funkster. Oh yes, and she is holding half a nectarine in her left hand. So rock.

Joining in with {tinniegirl}

Big Owlet joined instagram last week... so the above is a collaborative effort between Huz, Big Owlet and me. xx


  1. Fun and sweet outdoors pictures. I wonder what your rock star was singing. :) Or maybe it was a poem. Or country music ... the possibilities are endless.

  2. Beaches are such a lovely place to be when the weather is a little bleak. Have a lovely week. xx


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