14 December 2012

advent :: fruit + festive

The second light of Advent is the light of plants. 
Roots, stem, leaf, flower and fruit by whom we live and grow. 

We've been so ridiculously busy. Every spare moment has seen Huz and I pop on our extra festive Spiral Garden hats. Which is fun, but rather all consuming. Our weekend advent(ures) have been a much needed break and moment to stop and spend time together, and for the most part, we just have fun hanging out away from all the usual stuff of our nest. Last weekend we went fruit picking...


We spent much of the time at the farm, and much of the week after, guzzling cherries and berries which tells us that Christmas is almost here and hadn't we better get on with all the festive stuff now? Nope... not feeling it yet. So far the tree has been trimmed and dubbed "the lamest tree ever". And most of this week's advent activities have ended in tears as we negotiate the individual needs of five different people all moving at different paces. So the kingdom of plants is getting a bit of an extension. We're going to go back to last Saturday and the drive home eating berries and start over again, this time being ever more mindful and slow and thoughtful about it. Perhaps then the festive will come? xx

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  1. Ah, I hope the festive comes soon. Here's wishing you sleepy dreams outlined with cherry juice smiles.


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