28 June 2009

Catching up

Yep. I'm eating doughnuts for breakfast... And catching up on some magazine reading, as well as a huge long list of other things... Well actually a list of lists I need to make! There's lots to do, but today we're stopping, breathing and catching up later on with some lovely friends.

Now about that list. There's...

* Send out my PIF gifts
* Send out gifts for the giveaway
* Fix up the dolls house for little owlet's birthday present.
* Make some more costumes for the costume box for big owlet's birthday present.
* Figure out what's needed for the next market and get cracking.
* Put on my political hat, make some banners, write some letters and add my voice to the fight to save homebirth... Yep, there's movement in the owlet nest!
* Make a list of some wintery activites we can do while winter's still here.

Ummm... have I missed anything? Ahhh yes... Restock the owlet online shops... Stay tuned!!

27 June 2009

Home again, home again, jiggety jig!

What a day! We're all back home and tucked up warm after a lovely day at Odd + Even. I must say preparing for markets can take the wind out of a busy mama, making things in between outings and activities and when the owlets are asleep. Its rather a relief to get there and sit a bit and chat to people. The vibe today was great. Friendly and buzzing with activity and enthusiasm. There's some amazing talent in Tasmania. Its quite humbling to be involved in a market with so many brilliant designer/makers. I was absolutely thrilled to swap a couple of skirts for a beautiful item I've been eyeing off for a while, made by Simone Pfister. Its a perfect reminder of the three little ones in my nest, particularly my little owlet who didn't quite make it...

So... round up of the day....
* Birds are still BIG... must make more bird things for next time.
* Mushies were a winner too.
* Clips are popular as ever, but more PINK!!

Great designers and lovely people who made the day colourful and vibrant...
Sarah Elliot
Bec of wlove
Cat Rabbit
Tara Badcock
Phat Flats
Pip Emma : In the Afternoon
And Rebecca Roth and Pippi Langstrumph who stopped by and said hello :)

25 June 2009

My creative space

Focusing on one little project today... Applique felt patches for organic cotton baby clothes. The mushies and trees proved popular at the last market, so I'll take some more to Odd + Even on saturday... The list of things I'd like to do is way longer than the things I know I'll get done, so I'm trying to keep it small and focused for now...

Pop over to Kirsty's for some exciting creative spaces.

Oh, and if you like a giveaway, comment here and I'll see if I can throw something in the post for you!

24 June 2009


Wildly busy here again... I'm making some more bits and pieces for market day at Odd + Even on Saturday. I'll have lots of organic cotton baby clothes, bean bags, hair accessories and some beautiful new winter skirts, among other things. It should be really exciting, more than just a market. If you're at Salamanca on Saturday, step in out of the cold and have a wander!

18 June 2009

My creative space

Hooray! Its sunny and we're outside soaking it up... The owlets are making garden soup and leaving their tea to cool. I'm perched against the window looking over the garden, listening to the birds. Today I'm working on some felt patches for baby clothes and more clips and hair ties. I've got my earl grey in my fave cup which goes remarkably well with our fave serving tray, picked up from the tip shop a while ago.I think what's missing is a pretty quilt... perhaps a job for a future creative space...

Head over to Kirsty's to see more creative spaces. :)

All growed up...

Yesterday the little owlet announced "I'm all growed up mama. I got married and everysing!" When I asked her who her husband is she of course replied "ummm... daddy". :)

I'm feeling all growed up today too because this is post 100! So to celebrate, I'm feeling like a giveaway... I'll be sending a hair accessory and maybe a little something else to three lovely readers. I'm picking at random, probably using an owlet for assistance. Just post a comment and let me know you're reading ;)

PS. The big owlet took this photo... Brilliant... I suppose she's all growed up too :)

16 June 2009

Smiles and dimples

A glimpse of sunshine on a winters day is like a breath of fresh air. We've been spending days dancing, drinking tea in sunny corners, reading...




and reading again... and playing with dollhouses. Hmmm... must get started on that doll house project soon...

Bubbling away...

Slowly fitting in time to prepare for the next market day and making some new bits and pieces.

Cheery colours for winter days...

Cosy corduroy skirts..

And more clips... I seem to sell these as fast as I can make them on market days, so I'm aiming to have a few more on hand. There'll be more applique organic clothing, bean bags and other treats on the way too. :)

14 June 2009

For the birds

We've had a multitude of different birds visiting our garden and our kitchen is the perfect bird hide...

Unfortunately the chilly days have meant there's less and less for them to eat, so we thought we'd make them a little something...

Peanut butter, pinecones and seed... mmmm.... peanut butter, licky fingers...

Its hanging from the tree now and we're hoping the parrots will love it. We have loads of honeyeaters, wattle birds and even kookaburras. How lucky! We have our binoculars at the ready and some newly covered books for recording our observations...

Where'd all the birds go?!!

A friend before bedtime...

On Friday we popped into a craft shop for some ribbon and the little owlet found a penguin toy there she instantly fell in love with. She's rather enamoured with penguins at the moment. When I realised we'd left the shop with their penguin toy and I asked her for it, she rather shiftily hid it behind her back and offered me a little wind up penguin she had in her other hand. When we handed it back to the shop owner, little owlet said "I just like soft penguins, mama!". *sigh* So after dinner last night I made her this little guy.

His name is Alfie. His beak looks like a grin and his eyes are a little far apart, which makes him a little bit loony. Exactly how we like our toys in this house! :)

11 June 2009

My creative space...

Its a beautiful Tasmanian winter's day. Mist, rain, puddles and sooo cold!! I'm snuggling near the fire and the record player while the owlets hide in the big couch cubby. I'm kept extra warm under the heavy crocheted blanket in the foreground. I didn't crochet all those beautiful green granny squares, it was Swayer's mum who crocheted them, perhaps on a similar Tasmanian day in a different creative space more than 30 years ago.

I'm adding to the collection of hair clips for the next market in a couple of weeks. The kettle's boiling, so there will be a cuppa in a few minutes and maybe some pikelets... I love how creative spaces change. Wouldn't creative space time lapse be wonderful?

9 June 2009

Miss Polly

She arrived at the end of last week, on a rainy friday. She'd travelled from far away. We brought her inside, dried her off and found her a comfy spot and a cuppa. Polly loves her new home, and we do so love her. We have sung "Miss Polly Had a Dolly" and "Polly Put the Kettle On" more times than any of us can count. Thanks to the lovely Gina for helping her get here :)

Now to come good on my end of the deal and make some loveliness for three other fabulous women....

Winter is here...

Well and truly!! It rained almost all weekend. The ground is all squelchy and soaked. The last leaves are dangling on the trees and its too cold to get up in the mornings... Yesterday we made our winter nature table, while Swayer planted some natives in the front garden.

We rescued the plants from a friend's place and we really hope they like their new home!! The native garden is slowly taking over the 1950's lawn... Its an interesting mix with the old roses, but the local wildlife seems to approve.
Today I'm hoping to finish a list of winter activities, our fall-back for days where we lack inspiration.

8 June 2009

market day

Thanks to the lovely people who stopped by and said hello when I was at the market yesterday. It was such a fun day! There's so much talent in Hobart. A really high standard of work which is great to see, if a tad daunting! I introduced some new products at the market which I'll be adding to my shop soon. You can see them at the next market too if you're a touchy feely type :)

4 June 2009

My creative space

Its all systems go this week, but we've scored a lovely rainy week where the best thing in the world is sitting by the fire sewing. My mum's visiting too and is providing extra atmosphere, baking in the kitchen... mmmmm... apple pie...

See some lovely creative spaces here. Thanks to Kirsty for hosting :)

3 June 2009

come and say hi...

I'll be at the Market on Sunday if you are around Hobart and looking for something indoorsy... Lots of brilliant designers there, so do pop in and have a look around!