9 June 2009

Miss Polly

She arrived at the end of last week, on a rainy friday. She'd travelled from far away. We brought her inside, dried her off and found her a comfy spot and a cuppa. Polly loves her new home, and we do so love her. We have sung "Miss Polly Had a Dolly" and "Polly Put the Kettle On" more times than any of us can count. Thanks to the lovely Gina for helping her get here :)

Now to come good on my end of the deal and make some loveliness for three other fabulous women....


  1. She is adorable and I love her name!

    Have a lovely day,

    Nina x

  2. Aww, lovely. She looks perfectly at home on the gorgeous crocheted throw...
    BTW I actually didn't take Polly's picture before she left! Mind if I use yours? I'll post the 3 items I did for PIF once the last person has received theirs... just so I don't lose track of them.

  3. oh, what a wonderful PIF. I love that you had sung to her!


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