22 February 2009

Look at them learning...

This unschooling business is so much fun! We get to the end of another week and I recap the things we've done and its really quite amazing how much learning two owlets can fit into what seems just another ordinary week... Of course they are learning all the time, but I'm always amazed when I wonder if we're doing enough and then sit down and remember what we actually did...

* Watched the Life of Birds. Discovered Audrey has a fascination with bones and fossils.
* Did some reading on dinosaurs.
* Excavated a dinosaur (well little excavation kit), working for two days straight with only meal breaks - very serious business!
* Visited friends in town and had tea parties in fancy dress. Discovered Audrey can draw bows very well.
* Had a picnic on the beach with friends and stayed the whole day playing in rock pools.
* Trawled around op shops and the tip shop finding fabbo books, toys and resources for our days.
* Visited old and new friends down south, for a play and to eat freshly picked blackberries.
* Had a picnic in the botanical gardens, lying in the sun and reading books, rolling down hills and hiding in trees.
* Finished reading Little House in the Big Woods. Thoroughly enjoyed it.
* Spent numerous hours working out how to read, count, add, subtract, write, draw and what, when, how, why, who?
* Many more hours daydreaming, playing, telling stories, listening, running, climbing...

Ahh freedom!

17 February 2009

owlet helps out

I'm donating all proceeds of most of the items in my etsy store to the Red Cross Bushfire Appeal as part of Handmade Help. If you'd like to buy something handmade and also donate the item, I'm throwing in free postage! I'll send the item in to Handmade Help, who are collecting for people who have lost everything. I'll also forward the proceeds of the sale to the Red Cross. Its like giving twice!! If you'd like to hang on to the item, that's cool too, you've given donated to a really worthy cause and that's awesome :)

12 February 2009

My creative space

My creative space has had a little use this week, but its all tidy now waiting for some lovely friends to come and sleep for a short while.

Such a crazy week. Last weekend was spent crafting and listening to the radio for updates on the bushfires which just put everything in life into perspective. Trying to use every last spare minute to prepare for markets while wondering if my time would be better spent creating stuff for people who need it. I'll be passing on what I can...

6 February 2009

my creative space

Jumping in late, but I feel like playing this year. I'm playing along with kootooyoo's game, my creative space.
Here's my creative space... A tiny bit of sewing before I go to sleep. This pic is also a shout out to my Dad who's magic numbers appear on the clock. You know when you see a certain sequence of numbers everywhere? No? Maybe its just him. And me. Mine are 11:11. Will try to be more creative next Thursday and will also try to post on Thursday... *sigh*

4 February 2009

Up to our earlobes in apricots!

We had a long day making jam and apricot sauce. Mmmm yum. Here's how I made the jam...

1.5kg Apricots (I was feeling generous, so I used more)
1kg White Sugar
1 Lemon
1 Lime

Halve and pip the apricots then put them in a large saucepan. Cook until juices are released, then add sugar. Stir in and add citrus juice and peel. Remove any foam from the surface. Allow to bubble until jam stays firm-ish on a chilled plate. Pour into sterilised jars. Apply liberally to toast.

And the sauce recipe was from Apples for Jam by Tessa Kiros

100g Sugar
A few drops of Vanilla Extract
1kg Apricots halved, stones removed
375ml Water

Put sugar, vanilla and water in a large saucepan. Bring to the boil, stirring until sugar dissolves. Simmer for a few minutes, then add apricots. Cover pan and simmer over low heat for about 10mins until apricots start to loose shape. Puree, chill and serve over icecream or yoghurt. Yum!!

There's also been a teeny bit of sewing going on too, but oh, there is so much more to do!!