6 February 2009

my creative space

Jumping in late, but I feel like playing this year. I'm playing along with kootooyoo's game, my creative space.
Here's my creative space... A tiny bit of sewing before I go to sleep. This pic is also a shout out to my Dad who's magic numbers appear on the clock. You know when you see a certain sequence of numbers everywhere? No? Maybe its just him. And me. Mine are 11:11. Will try to be more creative next Thursday and will also try to post on Thursday... *sigh*


  1. You are a brave soul to sew in bed. I'm always worried about losing a needle only to find poking into my rear when morning comes.

  2. My dh is a numbers noticerer. He's always seeing 23 (and other numbers I can't think of now). I thought it was just him LOL

  3. I love bedtime craft. I use a headtorch because the bedside lamp isn't bright enough.


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