26 January 2013

primal nest

Little Owlet, Tiny Owlet and I just made the most delish cheddar, herb crackers. Yum.  #primal #baking #willbloglater

We seem to be finding some kind of rhythm in our nest with our meals most days. We're eating a smaller range of foods than ever, but we're feeling happier about our choices and healthier and stronger for them. Most days we are finding abundance within our smaller range of options. Nowadays, a visit to a supermarket means a quick tour around the perimeter and then home. The majority of aisles hold almost nothing for us... Smaller local shops and the farmers market are where we shop now and we're happy for the time saved, although our food bill has almost doubled. Our morning tea platters are looking a bit different...

Platters are looking a little different at ours these days #morningtea #primal #paleo #yum #fixtinysteeth

Earlier in the month we woke daily with Tiny pointing to her chipped front tooth and saying "teeth hurting" with a pained expression. Big gulp and off to the dentist we went... where our suspicions and worst fears were confirmed. The dentist recommended a general anaesthetic to remove Tiny's tooth and fillings in 6 of her 8 top teeth. However, she did give us a glimmer of hope that as Tiny's pain wasn't constant, we could work on reducing its sensitivity and managing pain for as long as possible. Because Tiny is only 2yo, we're much more comfortable holding off any intervention for as long as we can... So we do this. Right now, thanks to our current diet, her pain has stopped and we are getting on with things as they are.

I'll save going into our regular meals and what we actually eat for another time, but I can tell you we are not eating any grains, sugars (refined or otherwise), legumes, nuts and most fruit. Dairy, meat/fish, vegetables, the occasional berry, eggs and fats are where it's at, for us. Most days are great! Some days are hard. Today was hard. We woke with extra hungry bellies and not much in the fridge. The owlets were missing comfort foods and baking them with me. So we made crackers. They lasted 10 minutes.


Primal Cheddar & Herb Crackers

3 heaped tbsp coconut flour
1 large egg
1 - 2 cups grated cheddar cheese - organic and not ultra-pasteurised, if possible.
2tbsp butter - organic, grass fed if possible. Softened, unless you are using a food processor.
1/2 tsp baking powder
1tbsp sized bunch of fresh herbs

generous pinch of salt

Preheat the oven to 180 deg.
Mix together in food processor or by hand, with a fork, until it comes together in a nice ball. Add more cheese if the dough feels too sticky.
Roll to about 2mm, between two sheets of baking paper, remove top sheet, and place on baking tray.
Score rolled dough into squares & mark all over with a fork.
Bake for about 12 mins until slightly golden and the house smells yummy.
Cool on a rack before devouring.

17 January 2013

henna time...

First ever hair colouring! #henna #before #favouritesmell

Big Owlet decided it was time for a change... she spied two packets of henna in the drawer - one for each of us - then convinced me it was time I dyed my hair with it... and wouldn't it be nice if we matched? I suppose these days she is relating so much to Huz. They are so similar in so many ways and she knows it. He is most definitely her favourite, as she's often told me... But now, as she grows, she's looking for ways that she might be like me too. We're working to reconnect and spend more time together, just the two of us... And although we weren't alone on that day, it was rather lovely to share the experience, towels on heads, mud down the drain... As I used to with my mother... And we walked away with more than a shared experience in common. Now we are on the same team, apparently. The red team! And what a lovely team mate she is too.

The "after" shot! #redhair #newlook #henna

How do you spend time connecting with your kids? Do you feel ok with them dying their hair? Are you on the red team too? xx

16 January 2013

A skirt for Tiny


There will be more things made for the owlets this year - there will! I made this quick garden skirt for Tiny for a Christmas gift and alongside her Peppa Pig t-shirt, it's her favourite wardrobe item of choice. It's been about four years since I made the first Garden skirt for Little Owlet. Since then I've made lots and lots for friends, family and peeps all over the world! How amazing is that? And how wonderful is this online bloggy world we live in that allows me to do that?! My favourite thing though, is to sit at the machine and make something for one of my owlets and then watch them admire it when I hand it to them to wear or play with... There's nothing quite like it. And I hope to have lots of that going on this year. How about you? xx

13 January 2013

9 January 2013


Summer #MoMa #owlets
MoMa'd #tinyowlet #summer
Bushfire sunset on the hottest recorded day in Hobart's history. #stinkinghot
A symbol of today's horrendous weather and fire conditions -  We had lots of falling ash in our yard this afternoon and we are a LONG way from the bushfires. This is a little piece of ashed bracken fern that I caught before it touched the ground. Thinking
Kewpie doll is floating in the backyard pool as burnt leaves and ash fall from a golden grey sky #superhotday #bushfires #summer #nofilter
A perfect beach morning. #beach #chillaxing #sandcastle
Upside-down Sunnies. #fashionstatement
Hot wife ALERT! #stoppervingatmyhotwifeHere my eldest is assisting musician/comedian Mal Webb to explain to the audience the 'dead spots' that occur within musical notes when harmonizing different pitches based on their oscillating pattern! #unschooling #performer

Hello! How's your summer going? It's been a bit of a mixed bag here with extreme weather, bushfires and the like. We are all safe in our nest though and grateful for it and finding ways to help. We've also had some gorgeous days lounging around, listening to music, playing at the beach and in the garden... and although Huz is back at work, there's more of the same to come.

I've been quietly contemplating my year. The one behind us and the one before us. I've been laying down marvellous plans, hatching ideas and finding resolution and clarity. It is excellent stuff and has meant I've not had much time for writing and documenting our days... but I will get back to it with regularity soon.... Stay cool and safe. xx