17 January 2013

henna time...

First ever hair colouring! #henna #before #favouritesmell

Big Owlet decided it was time for a change... she spied two packets of henna in the drawer - one for each of us - then convinced me it was time I dyed my hair with it... and wouldn't it be nice if we matched? I suppose these days she is relating so much to Huz. They are so similar in so many ways and she knows it. He is most definitely her favourite, as she's often told me... But now, as she grows, she's looking for ways that she might be like me too. We're working to reconnect and spend more time together, just the two of us... And although we weren't alone on that day, it was rather lovely to share the experience, towels on heads, mud down the drain... As I used to with my mother... And we walked away with more than a shared experience in common. Now we are on the same team, apparently. The red team! And what a lovely team mate she is too.

The "after" shot! #redhair #newlook #henna

How do you spend time connecting with your kids? Do you feel ok with them dying their hair? Are you on the red team too? xx


  1. So pretty! Cooking in the kitchen was a great way to connect with my daughter when she was smaller. She's now grown with a baby of her own. My 11 year old son and I love heading out to the movies as dear hubbby does not enjoy sitting through a movie. Great ways to touch base with the littles. :)

  2. Yeah, movie dates were right up there. I never considered dyeing the girls hair that young but natural henna looks fabulous! How cool!

  3. Oh and her eyes have just popped now! I have never used henna. For reason I also chicken out and just keep plonking the chemicals on the head instead. I may need to get over my henna wariness.

  4. Oh my goodness, just the thought of henna has sent goosebumps up and down my arms.
    I have no probs at all with my girls using chemical free dyes to experiment with their looks but I'm not sure my stomach could cope with the henna smell.
    She looks super gorgeous BTW. xx

  5. Oh her hair looks gorgeous and shiny! Well done !
    With 5 little ones here we all do things one on one or just a few of them and they loooove it!

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