9 January 2013


Summer #MoMa #owlets
MoMa'd #tinyowlet #summer
Bushfire sunset on the hottest recorded day in Hobart's history. #stinkinghot
A symbol of today's horrendous weather and fire conditions -  We had lots of falling ash in our yard this afternoon and we are a LONG way from the bushfires. This is a little piece of ashed bracken fern that I caught before it touched the ground. Thinking
Kewpie doll is floating in the backyard pool as burnt leaves and ash fall from a golden grey sky #superhotday #bushfires #summer #nofilter
A perfect beach morning. #beach #chillaxing #sandcastle
Upside-down Sunnies. #fashionstatement
Hot wife ALERT! #stoppervingatmyhotwifeHere my eldest is assisting musician/comedian Mal Webb to explain to the audience the 'dead spots' that occur within musical notes when harmonizing different pitches based on their oscillating pattern! #unschooling #performer

Hello! How's your summer going? It's been a bit of a mixed bag here with extreme weather, bushfires and the like. We are all safe in our nest though and grateful for it and finding ways to help. We've also had some gorgeous days lounging around, listening to music, playing at the beach and in the garden... and although Huz is back at work, there's more of the same to come.

I've been quietly contemplating my year. The one behind us and the one before us. I've been laying down marvellous plans, hatching ideas and finding resolution and clarity. It is excellent stuff and has meant I've not had much time for writing and documenting our days... but I will get back to it with regularity soon.... Stay cool and safe. xx


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