6 December 2013

Tiny Teeth

tiny teeth

A little glimmer of hope for us this week... A little glimmer of hope for those we know with children who have severe tooth decay too, perhaps? Our Tiny has long had a rather alarming amount of dental decay and has been living with a painless abscess on her gum for about 9 months now. We've fretted, researched and thought so much about what to do... We've been monitoring it, cleaning and nursing it and talking with her about it this whole time. We've improved her diet as well as we could (we could possibly do better), and in turn, the decay seems to have halted, but still, the abscess was there. It grew when her immune system was working on protecting her from other things and went down when she was robust and healthy (she's always robust...).

This week it disappeared completely.

We're quietly celebrating (just a little bit). Looking hopefully at one another and doing little happy dances inside. We're holding out on the big GA just that little bit longer and watching still. Watching and hoping and waiting. And trusting that the gut instinct we've had will lead us the right way as it usually does...

Happy Friday, peeps. xx