23 March 2009

Mini Mei Tai

Xan has been wanting her own "ergy" for ages now. The ring sling I made for her never really worked out and she desperately wanted something to hold her baby close. Finally today I found a moment to whip up a Mei Tai for each of the girls. I'ts so lovely to make stuff just for them after all this market business. They really have been so patient watching me make things for other people, often asking "for me, mama?" Then being so understanding when the answer is "no, darling". I intend to lavish them with handmade lovelies over the coming months, so stay tuned...

Awww.. a winner! Apparently they are very comfortable and easy to breastfeed in! I'm tossing up whether to sell some of these, or do a tutorial... maybe both.

Autumn Faeries

The change of seasons has seen the faeries come out again at our house. Must be something to do with all those magical changes going on outside, like the grass turning green again, mushrooms popping up and the leaves changing colour... Audrey's special faerie friend Moonbeam has made regular visits leaving a trail of faerie dust on her pillow in the mornings... So we had a faerie day in honour of our faerie friends.

First a faerie hill house was constructed...

Then toadstools to decorate the front doorway...

And faerie cupcakes were made and demolished. We'll be heading out on a fungi fossick one day soon... Wonder if we'll find some real faeries out there?

21 March 2009

Adventures abroad

What a week! We've been holidaying in Melbourne. We had the fortune to house sit for my parents who are adventuring in far off lands, so we had a lovely base to call home for week while we explored and rediscovered all things Melbourne. So the week began with South Melbourne market and an afternoon with old friends and their new baby. Then preparing all night for Market day...

I had such a lovely day at Mathilda's Market. So many lovely stalls and products out there!! It was really great to chat to people, old friends and new. Thanks for making the effort to go in the pouring rain, for saying hello and for the lovely feedback! I suppose the best thing about a market is getting to chat to people and finding out what they like and why... as opposed to guessing from my loungeroom based on my owlets and their preferences!

So the rest of the week was reserved for Owlet activities..

The aquarium...

The farm...

Morning tea...

The zoo...

We also managed to squeeze in a play with some lovely families and catching up with more old friends. Then home again, breathe and flop! I love wandering, but its so good to be home where the air is clean, the sun is shining and the loudest sound is the hum of the fridge or a bird flying overhead.

6 March 2009

My creative space

Its action stations at owlet headquarters this week! I'm working on the dining table for various reasons:

* so that my family doesn't forget what I look like.
* because its close to the food - very important lately!
* its light and sunny
* its warmer - its cold in Hobart this week. Hello Autumn!
* the owlets don't seem to mind me pottering away while they do stuff so I seem to be able to cram in more creativity. Bonus!

So all the bits I need have moved out here with me and dismantling the crafty stuff each mealtime is keeping me tidy and organised. My trusty old brown and orange Husqvarna seems to like the change. Ironing board is in the foreground - tossing up whether we've outgrown the cactus print cover or not... I'm a tad chuffed with myself today as I've just finished a little apron dress I've been meaning to make for years.

3 March 2009

To market, to market

Owlet will be at Mathilda's Market in Melbourne on Sunday, March 15th at Hawthorn Town Hall. Come and visit if you are around!! Here are some bits and pieces I've been working on...

Pants... these are corduroy with printed and ribbon trim.

New skirts

Capes and crowns. There's been a bit of interest in these. I'll be working on a hand-dyed option after the market. Then of course, there's hairclips and aprons to keep me busy in my spare time... I'll post more snippets of what you can expect to find at the stall as the market approaches.