12 November 2013



Fiercely independent and self-sufficient, Tiny proves daily that she's quite capable of looking after herself, thank you very much. Of course, sometimes this leads to events such as the Blue Paint or Blender episodes... She's quite capable of sorting breakfast and an outfit and Peppa Pig sideways on the (now slightly broken) iPad. Our fearless third child believes she might be at least seven years old, like her bigger sister, and possibly even thirty-seven.

In fact, she is almost three and so content and assured of her place in the world, we haven't a clue what to give her for her birthday. She doesn't value "things" so much and I expect that might have something to do with sharing all her sisters' toys and hand-me-downs. She wants for nothing and when asked what she might like, she replies "nothing" or "candles". Although I suspect if there isn't a present to open on the day she'd be quite devastated.

Thing is, she's the kind of owlet who just makes-do. A practical sort who'll find a way to organise what she needs on her own if you're not able to provide it.  Sharp as a tack and the freest of spirits, we're blessed to provide her with the kind of life where freedom is valued and she'll be able to continue moving through the world so sure of her place in it. Her own sovereign person. A wonderful and frightening thought all at once, as anyone who's ever parented a three-year old can attest.

So what do you give the owlet who has everything she needs?

I'm looking forward to finding out! Ha!

Happy Tuesday. xx