9 June 2009

Winter is here...

Well and truly!! It rained almost all weekend. The ground is all squelchy and soaked. The last leaves are dangling on the trees and its too cold to get up in the mornings... Yesterday we made our winter nature table, while Swayer planted some natives in the front garden.

We rescued the plants from a friend's place and we really hope they like their new home!! The native garden is slowly taking over the 1950's lawn... Its an interesting mix with the old roses, but the local wildlife seems to approve.
Today I'm hoping to finish a list of winter activities, our fall-back for days where we lack inspiration.

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  1. I love the Winter nature table! What a fantastic idea. I want to do this with Cohen when he is old enough. Right now, at 6 months, he would only try to chew on everything! :)


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