28 June 2009

Catching up

Yep. I'm eating doughnuts for breakfast... And catching up on some magazine reading, as well as a huge long list of other things... Well actually a list of lists I need to make! There's lots to do, but today we're stopping, breathing and catching up later on with some lovely friends.

Now about that list. There's...

* Send out my PIF gifts
* Send out gifts for the giveaway
* Fix up the dolls house for little owlet's birthday present.
* Make some more costumes for the costume box for big owlet's birthday present.
* Figure out what's needed for the next market and get cracking.
* Put on my political hat, make some banners, write some letters and add my voice to the fight to save homebirth... Yep, there's movement in the owlet nest!
* Make a list of some wintery activites we can do while winter's still here.

Ummm... have I missed anything? Ahhh yes... Restock the owlet online shops... Stay tuned!!


  1. Oh, I hope we get to see what you made for the PIF peeps. And looking forward to the stock update too :-)

  2. LOL, doughnuts for breakfast! You are a scream! :-)

  3. Sounds like you're very busy. Your list looks like mine. So much to do and so many lists! Going to be a busy day!


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