18 June 2009

All growed up...

Yesterday the little owlet announced "I'm all growed up mama. I got married and everysing!" When I asked her who her husband is she of course replied "ummm... daddy". :)

I'm feeling all growed up today too because this is post 100! So to celebrate, I'm feeling like a giveaway... I'll be sending a hair accessory and maybe a little something else to three lovely readers. I'm picking at random, probably using an owlet for assistance. Just post a comment and let me know you're reading ;)

PS. The big owlet took this photo... Brilliant... I suppose she's all growed up too :)


  1. Oh Lauren, X is just adorable. I don't like it when they become too grown up :-(

  2. I'm reading!...of course...I'm loving your blog as I have told you countless times :D

    Congratulations on your 100th post!

  3. Congrats on 100 posts.
    How did I not notice this giveaway when I read the post first time? Well, it could be my (post-child) inability to read anything without skipping random lines and even whole paragraphs... or the fact that I was still thinking about how cute it is your little girl is 'all growed up' and married to daddy!!!! (As is only appropriate at this stage...)

  4. She is precious!! Congrats on your hundredth post!! That's fantastic!

  5. congrats on turning 100! We often have weddings here, apparently my miss is marrying her little bro. hmmmmm. cute hey


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