14 June 2009

A friend before bedtime...

On Friday we popped into a craft shop for some ribbon and the little owlet found a penguin toy there she instantly fell in love with. She's rather enamoured with penguins at the moment. When I realised we'd left the shop with their penguin toy and I asked her for it, she rather shiftily hid it behind her back and offered me a little wind up penguin she had in her other hand. When we handed it back to the shop owner, little owlet said "I just like soft penguins, mama!". *sigh* So after dinner last night I made her this little guy.

His name is Alfie. His beak looks like a grin and his eyes are a little far apart, which makes him a little bit loony. Exactly how we like our toys in this house! :)


  1. Cute!!!
    My Pudding's 'special monkey' is also called Alfie.

  2. Oh Lauren, you're such a loving and dedicated mother - Alfie's adorable! I'm sure X loves him.


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