14 February 2010

We heart odd + even

What a fantastic day!! We had such a wonderful time at odd + even yesterday. I was given a rather large space in the open and airy Long Gallery. There was a huge area set up with comfy chairs right next to me where Bec held the Crafternoon stand and taught people how to crochet throughout the day. A band played, children (and adults) coloured in valentines day cards, people shopped, wandered, chatted, stopped for a cup of tea... Michelle was there selling her beautiful, famous cupcakes and she had a special treat - Raw chocolate truffles. They were sugar free and so smooth and delicious. So we tried one. Each. It was the first chocolate we'd had since christmas and all we could say was WOW!! Huz got a bit teary, like saying hello to an old, long lost friend.

Unfortunately Jess + Cat have decided to call it a day and Odd + Even may be no more. Very sad for two reasons... it was my first market and encouraged me to get going with making and selling stuff, and also because its such a lovely day and quite different to the other markets I've done. I've loved being part of it and my hat goes off to Jess + Cat for creating something so special. x

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  1. So glad you enjoyed the truffles and thank you so much for the lovely feedback. It was such a gorgeous market , I had such a lovely time and it was nice to meet you.

    Sad it was the last one.
    Elsa LOVES her skirt! Well done as she doesn't often like skirts but she adores this one!


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