31 May 2010

unschool monday :: holiday mode

Its school holidays in Tasmania right now. What does that mean to an unschooling family? Not much, but the playgrounds, library, museum, swimming pool - all our regular haunts - are busy with children and families everywhere! On top of that there's all the school holiday activity programs available and the owlets schooled friends are ready to play too. Its busy!! I overhear mothers saying how they can't wait to get back to the school routine and get some flow back to their days - us too!! We start to long for those quiet weeks where there's not much on and we can spend occasional days in our pyjamas, reading books, playing board games and puddling along with our craft projects... Ah well winter's upon us so it won't be long I'm sure...

As we're so busy, this post is a tad brief, but we could all do with a holiday from time to time, huh? If you watched the link I put up last week to Sir Ken Robinson's talk on creativity in schools, here's the follow up. Its about starting a revolution in education, personalising education to kids needs and helping them work with their natural talents. Sounds like unscooling to me ;)


  1. Lauren, I just wanted to say how much I enjoy your unschool monday posts.

    Thank you for the great TED links as well.

  2. I love hearing about your unschooling. I also hate the winter school holidays because with little ones, it means it's busy everywhere!


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