21 January 2014

It all ended in tears...

Keeping busy on the plane #paperfan #designyourown #spiralgarden

We were recently blessed with what might have been the best Christmas ever. Every time my family comes together, to celebrate the end of the year and indulge in a festival of thoughtfulness and delicious food, this seems to happen. We ALWAYS say this. But this time was different.

We flew to them this time, thanks to a generous donation of tickets from Mum & Dad. And thanks to my Sis and her wonderful man's hospitality, we shared their gorgeous, but modest space for the better part of two weeks. Oh there was festive...

So festive here right now. #pompoms

And there was feasting. And there was a lazy Christmas night for tired owlets with full bellies, all watching moonlight cinema in the back yard. Kiki's Flying Delivery Service with loud street parties, illegal fireworks, aerogard and bats flying overhead... There was also a rotten cold that circulated through the whole bunch of us, but didn't dampen spirits. There was cheap, wonderful food, internet friends becoming wonderful real friends, nights out alone (eep!) and there were lots of adults to share the bulk of the parenting and cleaning and cooking and fun making... And although we were away from home and in a big, bustling, stinking hot city, we actually started to feel a bit relaxed.

Tiny plays hard. This was her Christmas Day nap - before lunch!  #latergram #loveher

"I could live like this forever..." My sister sighed. And she was right. It just flowed and all those reasons why we miss living near them leapt forward.

We said goodbye one hot afternoon, after a hearty Dad-cooked BBQ and then it began...

It always starts with Huz. And the hug. 

He hugged my sister goodbye which started the explosion of tears, which began the unstoppable flood of tears from me, and the flailing. Actually, I think it was just my sister and me. I think the rest of us were relatively stoic and confused... We hugged it out, but there was nothing for it but to say goodbye quietly and hop in the car and drive away from them. And sob all the way to the airport, assessing our options and decisions along the way... And feel quiet and emotional about it all the way home.

But then this....

Our magic beach #home #tasmania #instatassie

Home. We stepped out of the car and all we could hear were birds. All we could smell was eucalyptus and sea air. We stretched out in our comfortable and (thanks to the owlets' uber thoughtful Uncle), clean and welcoming home... The last few weeks have been full of missing and wishing and wondering, but knowing that this is where we belong. Where we can live the kind of lifestyle we love and need... So hopes and budgets and plans are afoot for more visits and travels and, although it's not perfect,  away we go....


  1. It sounds like you had the loveliest of holidays. I envy you...I do not have a close family to cling to. No sisters, just distant brothers who thrive on their own lives. But, I do try to make the holidays merry for my own little household -- my dearest husband and two children. We can cling to each other and make our own festivities. Happy New Year! So glad you are back! :)
    Nebraska, USA

  2. you made me cry…
    i get it.
    big love.

  3. its horrible saying goodbye isnt it! the same happened here over christmas.. x x x heres to hopes and dreams coming true :-)

  4. Your home looks beautiful - Tasmania is such a magical place. Making choices about the home location that could be pretty hard at times. I hope all your dreams and plans will come true.


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