28 February 2014

Farewell Summer...


It feels like we finally got our mojo back this summer. Our love for this tiny island and all the wonderful things in it. We've been all over the place and spending long days, weeks, with friends old and new.

First in Melbourne with the ease of family. Then home again and off to camp… Before coming back home and welcoming a beautiful family of new friends who merged with ours so brilliantly that it felt odd when they were no longer here. Extended time living with others, especially witnessing the dynamics of other families,  brings a wonderful new perspective to how we live our own daily lives. Even for kind of introverted sorts like me and Huz. What a gift! I highly recommend it, sharing your space with other families... Villages are wonderful things!


This last beautiful month has been like one giant, relaxed party. One huge out-breath as we cram in all the things before the shortened days and hibernation of Winter kick in. The light is changing. We can feel it coming and yet we are still holding out for summer to stay a while… We'd have been off adventuring right now if we'd run with our hearts again this weekend… Gosh we love summer...

Stay tuned for an update on where we've been. It's been wonderful! And we'll be off for Autumnal adventures again soon!

Today's harvest #accidentalabundance #permaculture #heirloomapplesandtoms #growyourown

Right now, it's time for a freshen up. We're locating all the cosy things, still making the most of the daylight, gardening and harvesting, tidying up, dusting the neglected corners of our home, breathing in and boiling the kettle.

This blog has had a much needed, long anticipated freshen up too with a lovely new banner. Thanks so much to the remarkably generous and always wonderful Phoebe Wahl. I do love it so…. I think just about every room in our nest has something of Phoebe's on it and now both my blog and our Spiral Garden store do too. I don't think its possible to have too much whimsy and wonderful in your life, is it?

Have you had a wonderful summer? I hope so! 
Hope there's whimsy and wonderful in your world this weekend too… xx


  1. Love the new banner and love that top photo of your family too. Summer...pleeeeeease don't go!! You are right, the light is changing and there's a coolness creeping in. But I'm not ready for Summer to be over :(

  2. Summer.. good riddance. Happy for it to be over. Love your new banner

  3. Love, love, love Phoebe Whal what a glorious header for you. So perfect! I agree there is never too much whimsy :)
    I will miss Summer but Autumn is really my most favourite season. I am always so much more inspired as the pace of life slows, than in the frenetic, heady days of Summer.
    Have a glorious week lovely xxxx


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