16 March 2014

Weekend adventurers :: Freycinet

Today was fab #Freycinet #tasmania #camping

A couple of weeks ago, we had another magical weekend away. I think we even managed to relax! We really found our camping groove, crazy winds, sleepless nights and all. This time, we were camping in one of my favourite spots in Tasmania, Freycinet National Park.

The Hazards + Mini Hazards. || #freycinet #thehazards #tasmania #instatassie

We camped at Richardson's Beach, nestled into the vegetation right on the beach in a lovely, private little spot, serviced by good facilities and amazing views. We could have stayed for a week or more...

Wish I could have taken the week off work. || #campsite #freycinet #sunset
Sunset from The Hazards. || #owlets

The first time I visited Freycinet, over 12 years ago now, the colours leapt out and really surprised me. Such bright turquoise! And rust red rocks! And yellow lichen! The greens! The reds! The blues! I swore to myself I'd design a fabric for this place someday. Or something. I think I fell in love with Tasmania when we visited this very spot…

Beautiful Freycinet #tasmania #instatassie #latergram #sleepybay

Sleepy Bay. My mind often wanders to this spot when I think about Tasmania. All those years ago, it made an impression, and we'd not been back since…


Of course, there were fewer of us there then and it was slightly more peaceful… but it was wonderful to stumble across it again this time and spend some time exploring with the owlets.

Revisiting a favourite spot #sleepybay #freycinet #tasmania #instatassie
Granite boulders and water views #sleepybay #tasmania #camping #instatassie
On the walk down to Sleepy Bay, Tiny fell asleep in my arms. We made a makeshift bed out of our jumpers, and in a shady patch between towering boulders we lay her down for a nap and a feed. Something tells me babies have been breastfeeding here for tens o

One of the things that amazed us was the feeling of being all alone. Despite full camping sites and a full resort and little town either side of us, we mostly had the beach to ourselves. Tasmania can be surprising and wonderful like that.

Sam enters Mordor alone (but its cool cuz Sauron racked off ages ago!). || #fourthage #hobbit
Freycinet dreaming #latergram #tasmania #instatassie

And so, that's where our summer ended…

Sunset at Freycinet #tasmania #camping #instatassie
Sunset and waterfront camping. Beautiful. ❤️

On the beach, watching the sun set before sleeping by the waves and rising to pack up and head home to Autumn, to prepare for the cooler months.

I'm hopeful we'll squeeze one more camping trip in before it gets too cold, but determined to continue our adventuring throughout the year regardless. It's inspiring our weekdays, moving us forward, helping us connect with nature and each other…

Reminding us why we live here. Why we love it.

Do come visit, won't you? xx

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