2 September 2014

Hello Spring!

We're SO ready for Spring… Aren't you? Astonished that we've survived another Tasmanian winter with spirits relatively intact (even if immune systems aren't right now), we're ready for everything that's to come. Excited, in fact! You see, this winter Huz forfeited every second weekend with us in order to achieve his Permaculture Design Certificate. Some of those weeks were the longest I can remember. Being homeschooling parent in charge, without a break for two weeks straight, means that I'm claiming a teeny bit of his achievement for myself too… And letting out a huge sigh of relief we can get back to some relatively normal family time in our nest.

But what it mostly means is that we're now a two-permaculture-designer family! Both of us now see the world through permaculture goggles, and what a positive, beautiful world it is! It also means we're cooking up some delicious plans, both for our garden, our business and our future. Neither of us is really sure what might happen. It might just be a bumper raspberry harvest, but we're slipping on our adventure gumboots and finding out.

We're beginning slowly with our most important task, to bring the owlets up to speed. They've been learning by osmosis until now, but they're keen to know more… And I really can't think of more important life skills to pass on.

Are you glad Spring is here?
Any delicious plans on your horizon?
How does your garden grow?



  1. And so you should claim some of that achievement for yourself and your girls! I for one am grateful your Huz took part in the course as he was a wealth of information and inspiration (and lead me to your awesome blog). So well done to you all!!

  2. I am glad that the spring is here. Wish I can listen on the permaculture knowledge you share with your children. Best of luck with seeing where it will lead.


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