24 August 2015


Hello! Oh we've had a time of it lately! It feels like an age since my last post. So much has happened in our little world that it's made us think and re-think who we are and where we're travelling on this little journey. If you're feeling like some happy reflections on unschooling life in our beautiful Tasmania, I'll make sure to post some updates on the excellent fun we've been having, later this week, but this is a big one for us and marking it here feels important.

We're at a crossroads. The whole winter has seen the re-development of the street we live on. It's been noisy and muddy and inconvenient. We watched layers gradually peeled back, deep holes dug, paths strengthened and eventually renewed. It's been a bit of a metaphor for recent weeks in our nest.

We've watched friends move on, or make plans to travel, and celebrated their exciting news. On the flip side, we've uncovered some hard truths about people around us. About what they think of us and what that might mean. We've discovered what comes with the territory when you put your hand up to start something. We've had some hard conversations, had walls put up and then quietly put up some of our own so we feel safer (I'm on my first ever proper holiday from Facebook!). Our happy spaces are suddenly difficult and a bit empty. We're all down a bunch of friends and feeling very sad, raw and misunderstood as we've watched it all float away. And we're not sure how this started or why, but we're sure it must be for some reason or other, which we might find out about one day. And now there's a sense of quiet as we attempt to pick ourselves up and carry on as before…

But things are different now. It can be so challenging creating and keeping community. It's one of the more challenging aspects of home education, needing community around you to make it all work. Finding a balance in loving trust, understanding and clear and direct communication, when it takes all types and when you live in a very small place. When it's good, it's very good. And when it's bad, it's horrid. Humans can be so awful to each other. And we get it. We're human too. Hopefully this all leads to greater understanding.

Thinking about what all this might mean for the future is all a bit unknown and hard. So we're focusing on the right now. The good friends we have. The things we like to do. The nest we've created and the garden we're making together. What we're looking forward to. Rebuilding our beloved co-op. We're slowing down, marking days (and making handprints) and being better, gentler friends to each other.

Around about the time home educated children turn 12, friends start dropping off and entering the school system. We expected it. Perhaps not the day after Big Owlet's birthday, but we did expect it and had been making plans for what we might do if… So we're suddenly at a crossroads.

We've been spending lots of time discussing our choices. Travel, moving away from our beloved Tasmania to be with loved ones, SCHOOL, or continuing along as we set out. The Owlets are up for big change. They want a fresh start. So school is on the table. Forms have been filled out (!!). We've all shed tears at the thought of it and breaking up our little gang of 4 most weekdays, for the sake of a new community. Thankfully, one sleepless night led me to this article and gave us some fresh perspective. So we're trying all the things. Moving towards new opportunities, while staying put for now. Hoping all is not yet lost. Wondering where this new road will take us and looking forward to a smoother ride ahead.

Hoping smooth roads are ahead for you too.

Lots of love,

~ Lauren. xx


  1. Much love Lauren, hope everything resolves itself nicely for you all

  2. Big squishy ((((( hugs ))))) & love to you, my friend xxx

    1. And you, dear one. We're so grateful to have you in our lives. xx

  3. Best of luck to you all. I hope it's smooth sailing from now on! :)

  4. Lauren... I follow you on Instagram and sensed something wasn't quite right in your world so I clicked on your link to read this beautifully written blog post. We also homeschooled our children. We didn't unschool but we had friends in our community that did (all the way to graduation from high school).

    I am sorry for the sadness and the struggle you are experiencing. Life can be hard and people are sometimes mean and let's face it, stupid. I am praying for you. We went through the same struggle in our schooling adventure and stood at the same crossroads. My faith is completely in the Lord and just as we were ready to enroll our oldest in school the Lord gave me a telling dream that took us in a different direction.

    Both of our kids have now completed their high school years (home school graduates), our oldest graduated from college this summer where he attended on a full academic scholarship and is now serving in Berlin on the Fulbright scholarship teaching English to students with behavioral issues. Our precious daughter will be leaving a week from Sunday to share her talents France for a year.... All that to say, there can be a future of hope in whatever you decide.

  5. I filled the tiny comment box and wasn't able to proof read it or give it s proper sign off. :)

    May God bless you in your decision and in your family's future. All my best... Lauri

  6. I just discovered this post and it was a thought provoking read. We are about to embark on a homeschooling adventure and I appreciated your honest thoughts in this post! (I was also delighted to see that things have settled down for you now and your are sticking with homeschooling.) I am a bit shocked by the issues you have had with the community and so - called friends. Obviously I don't know the details but it obviously has had such an impact on you and your family. I just wanted to let you know that you and your family have inspired my family here on the mainland. We are chasing some similar dreams and it's lovely to get a little peek into your lives...best wishes on your continued journey....Danielle

  7. I read this some time ago, a random find - and tonight I searched specifically for it as it holds true for me at the moment. I am feeling pressure from peers, from family, and from myself to do school mostly for lack of a daily/regular community among other things that raise their head in the HS journey. However every time I visit a school to see if this is the 'one'. I walk away heavy hearted and feel there has to anther way we can keep this going. You have inspired me to keep searching on how we can do things better. I hope it is working out for you all x


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