9 October 2008

Begin again

This has been a big year for transition and change for our little family and periods of silence in blogland can only mean more of that is happening... In the last little period of downtime, we had school holidays and were reminded what a delight it is to have our big girl home with us everyday and to go with the flow. Its a lot better for the planet too, not using the car to burn a path between school and home four times a day! So with a little more planning and reading and lots of chatting, we've decided to make school holidays a permanent thing once the kindy year is over. Unschooling seems like an extension of everything else we've done thus far and it is such a relief to let go and watch as our little owlets learn things in their own amazing way and at their own pace... And so begins a new chapter for our family and this blog which will take the journey with us as well as follow my own creative travels. Yes, I am getting there - just need a few more hours in the day and I'll be set! So here's some evidence that not everything around here is planning and chatting...

The garden is growing and will hopefully provide us with some meals one day soon. It now has a herb spiral (more for looks than proper permaculture function), seedlings growing in the vegie patch, an interesting L shaped bed of potatoes, more trees, more beds and less grass! The girls aren't really that interested yet. They love climbing into a pea tee-pee and munching some peas, or looking for worms or faeries, but green thumbs have not been discovered yet.

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