10 November 2008


We had a brilliant time in Melbourne. The girls picked a thing to do on each of the free days we had. As Little Owlet is so into animals right now, the Zoo was her pick. She says she loved the Zebras best, but I think the whole day was a success really. We were especially impressed to find her favorite bird of the moment, the Tawny Frogmouth, sunning on a log.

Big Owlet's fave place is always the Museum. She's a science nut these days and particularly into the human body on this visit. The highlight had to be the digestive system display where the food travels the body and, well we all know what happens at the end, but the fart button was a nice surprise for a 5yo! The silly mirrors were pretty great too.

We returned home exhausted and so happy to be in such a peaceful, green place. Melbourne is so much fun... loud, colourful and busy. We love catching up with everyone and packing the days full of fun stuff. But how wonderful to wander out to the garden barefoot and feel dirt and green things growing all around you, to smell that fresh air and hear nothing but birds and the breeze. I'm looking forward to the next visit, but I'm also really excited at the idea of a few summery months right where we are.


  1. Our kids love the digestive system display too :)
    Glad to hear you had such a great time in Melourne! Would love to catch up next time you are here, or we are there!


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