31 March 2011


So we're in Melbourne! We're staying with my Sis, hanging with Mum & Dad, catching up. We've got a few special things to do while we're here. Autumn is one of my fave times in Melbourne. Golden light, air not too crisp yet... So far the food and the company have been wonderful. What we don't love are the traffic, the noise and how big it all is... If I could just package up everyone and everything I love most and bring them back to Hobart, life would be perfect! We travelled here in our little car and overnight on the boat. Longest. Day. Ever. Then it's been cafe visits, Mary Poppins for the elder owlets and some time alone at Heide for Huz, me and tiny owlet! Bliss! Today has been resting at home... tiny owlet is unwell, but I managed to sneak out for french toast with my Sis and Mum. More bliss! Wonder what tomorrow will bring?


  1. Glad old Melbourne is treating you grandly. May the weather gods continue to shine and much bliss to be found before that, er, return Hopefully.Not.As.Long.Day.

  2. Lovely pics! I hope Miss TIny gets better soon! A big YAY for having some adult time with your Mum and Sis!

  3. Gorgeous photos - I love the one of big owlet sitting there looking so serene and happy. I know exactly how you feel - about wanting to pack up all your people and the best bits of that fair city and float them across the ditch (Heide would be on my list too!) Maybe we could do a bulk run and split the shipping.


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