4 April 2011

unschool monday :: holiday learning

holiday 2

I suppose we could call it a holiday, but I'm pretty sure by the time we make it home, we'll be needing another one! What a whirlwind week!! We've been in Melbourne visiting family and friends and squeezing as many activities into our days as time and sore feet will allow. I'm so glad that we have the freedom to spend time with our owlets doing things like this. So glad that they have opportunities to learn everyday wherever and whenever they need. Here's where we've been learning this week:

A big boat
The Museum
The Zoo
The National Gallery of Victoria
The Arts Centre
A naming day celebration
The theatre
A music studio
The car (oh yes, lots!)
Shops in this rather multicultural corner of the world
Hanging around home with extended family

And we still have a day left!! There has been cooking, foreign language learning, conversation, food appreciation, climbing, science, art appreciation,gymnastics, geography, maths, history, music, bouncing, reading,... No wonder my feet and my brain hurt!

Where have you been learning this week?


  1. Sounds like you all are having a blast! I hope you're back by the time I'm visiting your neck of the woods - I begin my trip in a week and a bit, and will be in Hobart over the long weekend.

  2. I love going on holidays! Glad you enjoyed my fair city :)

  3. Sounds like a pretty jam packed holiday!! Glad you're all enjoying yourselves!

  4. Lauren, it sounds like you're having a wonderful time away! How great you're getting to see your family and have all those adventures (packed with learning, as every kind of adventure is!).

    I know what you mean about needing a holiday after holidays like this :) I hope you get some lovely down time when you get back!


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