7 April 2011

on coming home...


When we boarded the boat to come home Tuesday night, I remembered how much I once loved Melbourne. I remembered being younger and looking out over the city at night and thinking of all the opportunities the city held. I knew all its nooks and crannies and I loved it. As we drove through horrendous traffic onto the boat on Tuesday I saw the water, the beach, and relaxed immediately. I realized that I no longer love that city at all. I love the people who live there, but it is no longer my home town. The wind gently whipped up a couple of tiny waves and I felt excited to be heading somewhere where nature is part of my everyday. The wind, the sun, mist, rain, bush, mountains, the river... all play an important part in our weeks in Hobart, although we often don't notice or appreciate them. And so after a rather rocky trip home, we were so glad to arrive to a cool, misty morning...


Which turned into a golden sunny day. The road ahead was finally clear of traffic and we drove happily home. Each of us so relieved to be here, there was, amazingly, not a complaint to be heard. Not even a peep from tiny owlet! And now home we are, all in one piece and so appreciative of what we have. We've pledged to take our next holiday on this beautiful island. Family and friends, you'll have to content yourselves with visiting us here for a little while. There will always be a place at the table or a comfy pillow for you should you wish to wake up where the air is crisp and peaceful and golden... xx

PS. They make pretty good coffee here too, if you know where to look ;)


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  2. Your lovely post makes me miss home so much, but in a beautiful, makes my heart sing kind of way, knowing that I will return and love it all the more for having been away. So glad you are home safe and had a great time away with loved ones xx

  3. Welcome home, Lauren! You make Home so beautiful.

    I am completely drawn to Tasmania—have had an itch to go there for ages, to be surrounded by all that natural beauty, fall into it and be a part of it. Every time you post about your corner of the world I fall in love with it more. Now we just need to sell everything and move to Hobart! Oh, and find a job and so on. Pesky stuff like that!

    But maybe we should visit first? :)

  4. And you all being here makes it extra perfect xxx

  5. Thats exactly how I feel about Melbourne, my "home" town, but definitely no longer home for me. Can't beat the beautiful Brisbane climate for us (although I would definitely try Tasmania for a bit if I got half a chance!).


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