25 April 2011

unschool monday :: just try and stop them

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If you ever feel like your child won't learn outside of school, won't ever read, or write, or count, or any of the other things they are supposed to do by the end of schooling... Remember what brought them here. To where they are now. How they learned to smile, to poke out their tongue. They learned to sit up and crawl. They learned to walk and talk... Could you have stopped them? I very much doubt it. No matter how much you wished that time would just slow down or stop still, because it's all so fast... They just kept on growing. And learning.

Tiny owlet is trying to crawl. She's doing it so much faster than her sisters did and as much as we'd like her to stay small, in this moment, she is determined. She wriggles her arms and legs like mad when she sees her sisters dancing. She wants to do that too. She will learn. Just try stopping her.


  1. I've had a similar thought recently, after so much time off school and me not paying much attention to directing J towards reading I was worried he was getting behind. Then I realised, he is constantly reading, bits that pop up on TV, the backs of game boxes, signs, and a million other things everyday. And even better he's reading because he wants to read not because I'm asking him to read. Its given me greater insight into how unschooling works and how well I think it could work for a child like J.

  2. Naw, Tiny Owlet crawling! How can she be that big already?

  3. Yes, and I agree, and absolutely, and amen :) Just try stopping them—exactly! My kids just blow my mind—constantly telling me things I never "taught" them, asking questions about things I never introduced, wondering and reading about things every day. It IS happening, this learning, all around us, all the time. We're ALL doing it—try stopping us :)

    Beautiful, Lauren, as always. And what gorgeous pics!

  4. How lovely! She is gorgeous! Go Girl!
    Roman is very interested is learning numbers and letters, he tries to 'read' signs (as in he will tell me what letters he can see). It just seems to fascinate him - but a friend told me recently I should discourage him because 'if he knows too much by the time he reaches school he will get board in class and become a bully' - all I could think was 'ummm excuse me? that's totally whack! why would I want to discourage him from learning?!'

  5. You keep making too much sense Lauren.

    Golly that Miss Tiny is a gorgeous, determined do-er! I can't wait to see her go!

  6. Absolutely true! Look at your gorgeous girl. She'll learn so much just trying to catch her sisters!

  7. Hey, if you share the inlinkz code, I'll be happy to start sharing this list on my blog. :)


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