12 April 2011

birthday blah


Actually, if I'm really being honest about it, my birthday yesterday was, well... blah. It's been one of those years where everyone's been terribly busy and under pressure and it seemed to happen for everyone all at once. Gifts were in the mail, or I had to shop for them myself, to be reimbursed at a later date. Big owlet was prepared, with a lovely card she made for me last week and I spoke to my family and my oldest friend on the phone. There were 30-ish beautiful messages on Facebook too... which are very lovely and all, but they just seem a bit, well, removed from reality? Like everyone is at arms length. I suppose that's what happens when you spend time socialising online. I've been very lucky to become real life friends with so many people I've met online and have built community around me with them, but when everyone's busy and assumes I am too because they've just seen my latest status update, a couple of lines on facebook will suffice. I've done it too. Lots of times.

In the afternoon, after I watched the postie drive by, Huz took time away from work so we could go out for a special meal that I didn't have to cook and, because it was Monday, many of the new places we wanted to try were closed. Or the ones that were open didn't have anything the owlets would eat beside toast. And so after an hour and a half of looking for something suitable, we dragged the extremely hungry whinging owlets into a cafe we knew where they ate toast and our meal was, well... blah. The rest of the afternoon was spent with Huz driving around and waiting in the car or doing blocks while I ran in and out of shops for a few owlet-free moments to buy myself a new, urgently needed, practical mama bag. To no avail because everything I saw was too expensive or impractical or, well... blah. Then on the way home, Huz was feeling desperate to relieve the day's blahness. We stopped at the local shop so he could pick up a birthday cake, but they were all, well... blah. So he bought some tiny strawberry tarts instead. Then in his rush to present them before owlet bedtime, he shoved the candle in one, wrong side up and (rather amazingly), lit the holder instead of the wick. The flame blew out before it got to me. So we tried another candle. In hindsight, it's hilarious. But at the time, it felt like the Lamest. Birthday. Ever.

Now the point of this post was not to host my own pity party. Really, I know how lucky I am to have spent the day with my lovely family. I know everyone tried and it's a busy time of year. And birthdays are probably overrated. We should be telling the people we love that we love them all the time... But I did learn a few things yesterday.

1. Don't rely on social media for personal interactions. Work on real life friendships more.
2. Take time to send cards and gifts to people I know and love and make sure they are on time. Just in case everyone else is busy too.
3. Try harder to make things by hand, or choose gifts that are from the heart.
4. Don't rely on others to make the day special, but put just as much effort into showing myself some love and respect.

So, in that spirit, I'm making today a do-over of yesterday. April 12th will not exist in this house for this year. I'm looking out for the postie while tidying up, lighting the first fire of the year and cooking myself a delicious birthday dinner. With cake. And we will celebrate in style, dammit! I may even buy myself a gift. Or make one. And wrap it up, just because.


  1. I'm sorry to hear it was so blah, and impressed with how you've picked yourself up. Happy Birthday Do-over!

  2. Happy Birthday Do-over from me too Darling - I actually do rely on social media for most of my friendships since moving here - it really does suit me being generally grouchy & anti-social, but I know everyone isn't like that!


  3. Oh dear :(
    I know the birthday blahness all too well, last year was a doozy for me. Anything that could go wrong did and it was AWFUL.
    This year I'm running away to see friends in Melbourne, leaving the boys with Jamie :O

    Hope your do-over is perfect and makes up for yesterday, you deserve better than blah! xox

  4. I'm not sure if the birthday blah-ness comes with parenthood but I always laugh that my birthday seems to trundle past and tends to be just another day (with cake, if you're lucky).

    Enjoy your dinner tonight and I think the lessons from yesterday are valueable ones - nothing better than getting a card in the post or a present made or selected with love.

  5. I'm sorry it was so blah. The weather isn't helping the blahs anyway, at least not on this side of the hill. I hope your do-over is better.

  6. I'm liking your lessons. And with my birthday looming in a couple of weeks I will be taking heed of your Point Four because, really, it is I who is responsible for my annual pity party.

    Finally, here's to your Dammit! Let's Do It Over attitude. Well done, lovely. Happiest of Happy's to you!

  7. Happy do-over!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    D told me last night to go ahead & organise my present. Nup - he can actually put some effort in this year. Here's to feeling a little bit special on your birthday!!!


  8. Social media, or real life. It all requires effort. I am hopeless, and loose freinds for forgeting to return calls. Now I am more vigilant, I've noticed everyone else is too busy or too forgetful! I get the whole blah birthday thing though. Hope your feeling better. It's funny in hindsight I guess? :-)


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