23 April 2011

in and out breath...


So far this Easter, we've had sick owlets in our nest. We've been a little cooped up. Times like these, I remember big owlet's kindy teacher's parting words, "Remember in and out breath". It helps it flow so much easier, keeping the day moving with a mix of concentrated tasks (breathe in), and relaxing and playing (breathe out). We've eaten hot cross buns while counting treasure...


Felted eggs with friends...


Danced around in our pyjamas to our fave records... Rediscovering our love for vinyl.

easter eggs

Made nests from the long tussock grass in the garden, then painted and scribbled on eggs with watercolour paints... One for each of us...


And snuggled and watched our littlest owlet as she begins to work out how to move forward (eep!). I should also mention the extraordinary amount of decluttering we've been up to. Making space to breathe again.

How's your Easter, so far? xx


  1. Oh I love your little eggs in nests! Annnnnnnnnnnnd, I can't get enough of your littlest owlet... really & truly! I wish she could hang with Suspence some time.

    Having a nice time over here, Happy Easter Lovely. xx

  2. I have also de-cluttered to large bags of clothes I have not worn in more than 18 months off to the girls who babysit for us and then the remainder to Vinnies. Feels good to purge.

  3. Looks like a happy space to be in. Easter's a nice time to be relaxing with family. It was just me, my girls and my sis today (David in the morning, but then had to work) we had a beautiful sunny day out. Ate hot cross buns, walked on the pier, visited the play ground...
    No other place I'd rather be but with my little delights xx.

  4. Beautiful pics, Lauren. I love the peace that shines from them. Thanks so much for sharing. I love the idea of felted eggs!

    Our holidays have been filled with camping, and more camping, lots of beauty, so much joy! Our Easter Sunday was total down time—a whole day just chilling, just us. Those days are truly magic, aren't they?


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