18 April 2011

unschool monday :: remembering us


As I mentioned earlier, sharing our passions with the owlets is a fantastic way to spark their interests and it shows them how we like to get involved in things, in life. But in the daily grind it can be tricky to keep doing all the things you love. Things get put away in cupboards for when you have more space, or time. For when babies are grown. And you forget. Well, last weekend we moved the owlets into the blue sky room together. They requested to share again (they had been anyway) and this weekend we found ourselves with a room to spare! Luxury! So... we now have a space. A space to escape for some quiet time, to dream or to read. It is also a space for music. It's filled with guitars and a keyboard, flutes, recorders, drums, accordions... more! All pulled out of cupboards and out from under beds... And there is music! Huz is excited to have a dedicated space to indulge in some music making. I've even dusted off my flute and had a go, showing the owlets that its ok to make MANY mistakes and how to make a good sound occasionally. I've been talking about returning to flute for years... perhaps this is my time? Tiny owlet thinks it's hilarious and soothing sitting on my back while I (attempt to) play...


Another thing the owlets love is screen printing. They know how much I love it. How instant it is and clean and messy all at once. And how you can make something practical out of it. They know I used to do lots of it back in my Uni days and how I'd like to return to it again. One day. So they demand that we do it on occasion. On this particular occasion though, The thought of mess and screen printing everything we could see and all before breakfast got the better of me and we ended up freezer paper stenciling instead. But it was fun. And I've located the screen and squeegee for a quiet moment...


Finally, yesterday, we also found time for me to go out to have lunch with a friend. On my own. At a posh restaurant! Oh my! I did feel strange and grown up. And I remembered a little bit what it is like to be just me. When I came home, the owlets showered me in hugs and kisses and big owlet told me she thought it was great that I got some time to myself. And then we went for a swim. And I told them how I like to swim. How I used to do it lots. And I tore up and down the pool a few times until my arms could swim no more. And I plan to do it again soon. Modelling healthy relationships, and the importance of trying new things, pushing yourself, making mistakes and enjoying life... Can there be any lesson more valuable?


  1. Lauren, that was just beautiful x

  2. It was fun wasnt it!! We will definately have to do it again sometime soon :) I meant to say I like your haricut too!


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