7 April 2011

almost famous


Huz and I had a few spare moments last week while the bigger owlets were at Mary Poppins with Mum and tiny owlet slept in the sling. It was raining so we wandered into a newsagent. I remembered to look at Country Style magazine because Michelle's beautiful kitchen (and beagle) was featured this month. I was flicking through, Huz peering over my shoulder, when we saw... Elsa wearing that skirt that I made. The one I sold to Michelle on the day that she made Huz cry... I've seen things I've designed in magazines before, but this was just a little more special because my hands made it. And it's so lovely to see it worn. I think I might make another one a little bit like it....

In other owlet news, I've decided to put my market career on hold for now... perhaps for a long while. Yesterday I withdrew from the Autumn Market I had planned to have a stall at. I won't be at the Christmas one either, and that feels ok. I do so love meeting people and chatting to them. Getting personal feedback on the things I've made. But there's so much preparation involved... so many nights spent at the machine or weekends spent cutting and labeling and having everything just so. And really I should be spending time making stuff for them. My owlets. And sometimes me.

So I'll be popping bits and pieces in my shop from time to time and you can always drop me a line and ask if I'll whip up something for you if you see something you like. But it may take a little while and it may not be often... because I'm knee deep in owlet cuddles and giggles and making the most of every minute, while I can.


  1. You're already famous to me my dear, but that is a wee bit of a thrill!

  2. Hi Lauren A big call but a good one. Now you can concentrate on being even 'more in the moment' with your precious girls. Good for you! J x

  3. Oh my goodness!! That is totally famous!!
    Yippeeeeeee... I saw that picture and article this morning and I noticed that skirt and wondered if it was one of yours. It is gorgeous and I am totally excited for you. Its not every day that something you've designed, cut and stitched graces the pages of a glossy. Huge congrats from here. X

  4. Wow, timely post. I have been thinking the exact same thing recently. Exact! Cngrats on the magazine pic, how wonderful for you!

  5. The skirt looks gorgeous Lauren. I saw it too and spotted it as one of yours :)

  6. Hi Lauren,
    wonderful to see your handiwork in such a lovely mag too!
    I still get comments when my little one wear's hers..she insists on wearing it, even though it doesn't really fit her anymore.
    understand about the market thing ~ market prep is exhausting.
    (did you get the bunting btw?)


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