13 June 2012


Little owlet trotting solo #amazing

Check out that grin! I can almost guarantee there's a little giggle to go along with it... My absolute favourite thing  about watching the owlets do new things is when they surprise themselves with what they can do. Little Owlet often comes up against fears and uncertainty in her day to day... I'm not sure why she's that way, she just is. But the point where she overcomes those fears and pushes herself to do what she wants to... the determination... watching that and then seeing her do what she sets out to... and the look on her face! That's the rewarding bit. The best parenting bit, right there. It's the one that brings a lump to your throat and a little cheer to your heart if not your lips. Look at her go! A few months ago, she was too scared to touch the ground near a pony... and now she's trotting around solo!


Of course, Little Owlet isn't taking this journey entirely alone. And that's the other surprising, wonderful, amazing thing... She's formed a trusting relationship with another human outside her family. A patient, understanding and supportive mentor who's helping her find her way and to trust in the pony and herself. For her, this is huge. For me, this is huge. Her attachment to me has always been so strong, there were times I wondered if she'd ever accept another human being into her world. She's formed another couple of similar relationships in recent months, enabling her to go on her first proper sleepover and seek help when she needs it. Such a huge gift and one that I'm grateful for along our unschooling journey... Mentors, community and opportunities to branch out with tiny steps towards independence.


  1. Oh, look at her! Go Little, you beautiful wee woman. I've missed her the last two weeks - looking forward to seeing her really soon. Love Sel xxx

  2. Aw...that pony look just like a pony I used to know that helped another little girl find the courage to smile, too. I love seeing horses help little girls. It was the same for me, and I will never forget the courage I found with my horse Izzy. Good luck, little owlet!

  3. Wow, that's amazing :) Blessings to you both, what growth!


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