4 June 2012

winter :: metamorphosis

Vintage me and sis #sisters

One of my earliest cold weather memories... I came home from school, excited to see my little sister. We rugged up and snuggled on the blanket on the lounge room floor. This is my first memory of holding her. It was a big deal. I started seeing her as a person I could interact with that day. It's the first proper memory I have of her and although our paths have brought us together and apart at different times, she still understands me better than almost any other person.

This week brought the Winter. The beginning of huge changes for me and my sister. She's about to become a mama... like, any minute now. The first cousin for the owlets. A new baby to snuggle. It's very exciting and I wish I could be there to hold her through it. For now, the owlets and I are hunkering in for a winter's day with a movie and popcorn while we wait by the phone and look forward to seeing my sister again when her metamorphosis is complete... I'm looking forward to making some new memories.

As for me... I began my own process of metamorphosis today. I began putting aside time just for me. I got up, wandered out into a dark, rainy neighbourhood and put my health first for an hour or so. I'm planning on doing it everyday and finding the energy to keep up with my owlets. All those years of working and parenting meant I put my health last for such a long time... I'm looking forward to spending more time with the healthier version of me. Interestingly, she's much calmer, happier and more clear-headed. I wonder what else she can do?

Winter also heralds change within our nest as we commence something new as a family. We've been making preparations for a while and take our first nervous and excited leap at the end of the month. We're possibly completely out of our depth, and a little crazy for taking it on, but I expect that's how everything looks this side of metamorphosis.

I'm looking forward to the growth we'll be doing this Winter and to seeing just where we are at by the Spring. How about you? Any big plans? Any metamorphosis happening at your nest? xx


  1. Congratulations on your steps to better health. I'm on a journey to better health at the moment too, also in the very fresh and new stages.

  2. Winter also brings me so much inspiration and motivation! I don't know why, but I love it...

  3. Well, if that picture isn't a dark haired Little holding Tiny! ;)

    I think Winter's an excellent time for metamophosis. I've got some health changes planned, too - and I can feel a declutter coming on :)

    I'm also in that never-ending dance of trying to balance the needs of the family with running two businesses, so time will be dedicated to working out how to get closer to that work-life balance thing.

    I look forward to watching your metamorphosis. I hope we can catch up soon - it feels like ages since we've just sat & chatted :)

  4. Good luck with your your changes. I'm sure you'll be amazingly successful. I've just started doing a similar thing myself. :-) Winter must be the time for it. :-)

    I'm excited to see what this big exciting thing your family is embarking on as well!

  5. I've also (re)started the early morning walks and it feels so good to have that quiet time to start my day rather than being woken into the morning chaos. It is telling that my runners are about 8 years old (and look pretty new still!) Good luck with it all, I've found the added benefit is I can usually pick a small flower or two while walking for the kitchen window sill and it is a reminder throughout the day of my morning.I need to do it for long enough to make the early nights seem normal, at the moment it feels so odd heading of to bed early.

  6. You're so right about the 'health first' thing. Today I haven't left my computer (I thought I'd treat all that work to a blog post or two) and I haven't walked and I miss the healthy me! (I'm going with the wild assumption that things don't turn around that quick)...


  7. Best wishes to your sis - exciting times x


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