1 November 2012

Our holiday...


A couple of weeks ago, we were exhausted, wrung out and needed a little break. We needed to slow down. We needed to get things in order. We needed to get things done. We needed to give each other time to take time out and we needed to spend time together. So Huz used up all of his remaining leave and we took a deep breath and hoped that a holiday at home would be just the ticket.


Things got off to a wobbly start. Little Owlet was unwell and the day to day running around and catching up meant that there wasn't much time for relaxing... And we were very short on cash, which cancelled out any hopeful wanderings... So we lit a campfire in the back garden and felt like we were on holidays. That night everything was simple and lovely. We expected the rest of the time to flow like it did from that moment. That was our holiday right there...


The next day it rained... for two whole days. I'll spare you the details of the night we found the cause of our smelly vaccum cleaner was down to a nesting family of mice... And the night we spent violently ill after nibbling some dodgy chicken sausages. And the week we spent recovering while the owlets overran the house... Ok. So this holiday sucked.


Huz goes back to work tomorrow. And we are exhausted, wrung out and needing a little break. Possibly more than before... We are needing to get things in order. We are needing to get things done... So we are just puddling along as we always do.


Today we began decluttering again in earnest. We're looking forward to removing the overwhelm and living a much more orderly, simple life. For some reason it feels like exactly what this year has been all about in so many ways. Letting go. Moving on. Starting afresh. We know we need to let go of lots more. And we need to let go of perfection and help our environment suit the lifestyle we want to lead.


So that we can puddle on and make the most of these beautiful, imperfect moments that pepper our days.


So that we can relish these moments of space, clarity and love.

Have you ever had a holiday that didn't go as you'd hoped? 
Do you like to holiday at home? xx


  1. Oh dear. I'm so sorry your holiday was no fun! I hope you guys find time in the busyness of life to recover, recuperate, and refocus! Hope all your sickness has passed as well!

  2. Oh that is awful. But I guess a blessing that everyone was already dug in for some time off and at home before it was forced upon them. Sad though, huh?

  3. Haha yes we have. One holiday where most if the family were throwing up in buckets, but these holidays make the best story's when they are teenagers. Remember the time....

  4. I'm so sorry that your holiday wasn't the rejuvenating experience you hoped it would be. I really hope you find some space to re-group and refresh yourselves soon. Do you have any friends or family who can have some fun with the wee ones so you and huz can spend some one on one time together? I often think about how much J and I get done when we get some time alone at home together. Not to mention just having a little bit of breathing space to just BE with each other.

    Our families would get along so well.. I wish we were closer so the we could play (I mean.. the kids could play.. lol)


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