11 November 2012

sunday snippets

Look, Mama! Me! Painting! #latergram #tinyowlet #oops #ohmywalls
Sick in bed. Again... The lengths I'll go for some time out, hey? #poorly #soretum #thingscouldbeworse
Rainy afternoon fun #bathtime
Sandy Bum.
Crab doing "Jazz Hands".
If you're gonna throw sand, I suggest you do it gracefully, as demonstrated here.
Oh oh...
This is all the stuff we dropped off at Vinnies today. Decluttering - better than chocolate? I say it's too close to call.
Sunset Swing.
Sunset Sprint.
Tiny Loves Ducks.
Dressed by @owletmama for an impromptu Indian banquet.

Joining in with tinniegirl


  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE those knitting needles and that's about the coolest looking crab ever.

  2. The picture of the crab is so lovely and delicate.


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