21 March 2013

Today and tomorrow...

Minecraftschooling #unschooling #forgottenwhattheirfaceslooklike #intheirhappyplace #learningsomuchrightnow #dogmissesthemtoo

Today was one of those special kind of good days... There was a certain calm that I haven't felt in a long time... even though I was outnumbered three owlets to one, today we found balance. And it was good. I'm recounting it so I can work out how to make that happen always.

I woke after not much sleep, feeling awful, and cancelled all plans for a stay at home day. Owlets happily obliged and we went about making breakfast. We ate at the table this morning - perhaps that was it? The bigger owlets then moved onto their morning work - animal husbandry, followed by scaling the dizzy heights of mount foldmore. Then they began the formal part of their day - Minecraft.

Tiny and I pottered, washing and tidying... The house was pretty clean to begin with (that might have been it), as it is in our always-decluttering home... Tiny forgot the screens (ooh, maybe it was that?), and I remembered the bigger owlets' toddler days with fondness as we pottered and chatted together... Then we nibbled on our morning tea platter made from what was left in our empty fridge... And then  Tiny napped.

After. Turns out they prefer certain colours in the spectrum to others #owlets #primalplatter #rainbow

Big Owlet and I figured out some Big and Important Minecraft Stuff, while Little Owlet asked me how to spell every word that came to mind... I sewed two stitches and finished one hair clip for an order I'm working on. And I had a cup of tea - sign of a good day right there.

The best art is made when you are nude #whatswiththesmock #artistatwork #toddler

Tiny woke, played with playdough, painted nude, bathed (as one does immediately after painting)... and we spent the afternoon trampolining, then lolling, reading and boobing and waiting for Huz to come home.

Enjoying a snuggle and one of our favorite books #thewonderfulplace #toddlerbreastfeeding @spiralgarden
She loves the ending best of all #bellyfullofstars #thewonderfulplace #toddlerbreastfeeding @spiralgarden

There were tears and bruises and bumps today. There was frustration and tiredness. But today I remembered to respond with empathy. I remembered to keep communication open and flowing. I remembered to slow down. And wait. And hug them all. To give them my time, and take some for me (just a snippet). And to just enjoy it for what it was... Yes, that was it.

How have your days been lately? 
Do you manage many home days?
Do you like to slow down? 

Here's to a peaceful Friday. xx


  1. Oh how wonderful. We have found a beautiful travelling rhythm here, and I am so thankful. The days were getting hard back home, and I was not a nice person to be around, let alone a nice mumma!

    I hope your days continue to be so peaceful and filled with beautiful shalom as they would say here. :-)

  2. What a wonderful day! Bunny and I read that very same book!

  3. I felt calm just reading about your calm day!
    Oh Minecraft....my son loves it too. I hope today is equally lovely!!

  4. Days have been CRAZY lately! Reminding me almost every second to regroup, stay centered and respond rather than react!

  5. Oh, what's that book called? My daughter would like it :)

    1. Hi there :) It is "The Wonderful Place", by Chrissy Butler. You can buy it from our little shop over here: http://spiralgarden.com.au/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=6_30&products_id=234


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