14 April 2013

creative space

My little creative nook #mycreativespace

It's been too long. Mum and Dad have missed my blog, so I know it's been too long. Right now I can spy Huz checking the computer for a new post... The one I've been trying to write as my posts grow further and further apart. Not to worry... all is ok. I'm just a little burnt out.

Utterly spoilt... Artwork by @tielsk needle felted heart by @treehouseme chocolate, notebook, magazine and cards from my beautiful little family. #birthday #loved #goodmorning

This week I'm a year older. I'm feeling loved and understood by this little owlet family more than ever, and that's such a wonderful feeling.

But I'm tired. Ten years of interrupted sleep have caught up. And despite the decluttering, the planning and the hard work, I'm creatively, emotionally and physically spent. Fortunately, I can identify what's going on, take notice, live with, sit with and understand it. I'm learning more about myself and my limits and that when I'm stretched, there's a limit to what I can share with those outside my nest. Sometimes there's not enough of me to go around and I'm learning to be ok with that. And generally I know what I need to do next to dig that hole out of the little trench I'm in. But it takes time...

Bowl of lunchtime lovin' for my belly #nurture #nourish #yum

It takes  nourishment. And rest. And space to daydream. I've been missing that. And so I suppose in the times when I'm not blogging and doing the day-to-day stuff I do... I'm daydreaming. Processing and learning and moving through it. Finding some creative space, in every sense, so that I can let some of that creativity free and I can share a bit of myself again.

Autumn in Tasmania... Feeling grounded after some time in nature #bushwalk #tasmania #autumn #water #rock #fern #instatassie

It takes grounding in nature. And talking and cuddling and loving... and a whole lot of learning and of growth. There's plenty of that to come and I suspect that breaking this small writing drought, ripping that bandaid off, will lead to a string of catch up posts as I fill you in on what we've done between daydreaming...

Have you had time for daydreaming lately?
Have you felt burnt out?
What did you do to get your creativity flowing again?

Have a gorgeous week. xx


  1. Right there with you. Much love as you navigate your way through the lows to find your spark again xxx

  2. Was wondering where you'd got too :)
    Rest up and rejuvinate....we'll still be here.
    PS Have just checked out your Spiral Garden website - it's gorgeous.

  3. Thinking of you as I negotiate a time of transition in my little sphere as well!
    Keep dreaming lovely and your spark will catch again.

  4. Oh Lauren. I really feel for you. And completely relate, on several levels. I sincerely hope you find the rest and space you need. J x

  5. The fact that you can listen to your body and know what it needs is fantastic.

  6. I know I felt like this at the beginning of the year. I think over the years, we learn as mothers what we need to do to "repair" ourselves. I needed quiet time and a complete change of diet, and I feel so much better now. With these the other things like creating tend to flow naturally when we feel back on track. Hoping that you can get some rest and time for yourself to get that spark back x

  7. The calendar rolled over for me on Saturday and our weather here in Nebraska, USA is so gloomy. I, too, have been in a bit of a funk and feel like I need a reboot. But, I keep on keeping on and have some fun projects that I want to do in my yard and garden and when the sun finally decides to show his face, everything will be a bit brighter! Take care!


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