25 April 2013

While the cat's away...

The lazy way to travel. || #travelator

I've been away from our nest all week long. It's been amazing and a time of huge learning and expansion for all of us. More on that later, but for now, a little update on what the owlets have been up to with their lovely Papa. Photographer, owlet wrangler and my greatest supporter. Love him.

Tiny loves her big sisters. || #undertheeaves
Contemplating. || #fisherman #silhouette
Tiny Tick. || #kickingback #chillaxication
The Department of Silly Walks' Annual Sunday Any Day Let's Go Parade. || #sillywalk #wemadethem @owletmama
Tiny and a Centralian Bearded Dragon. Cuteness and Awesomeness. || #beardeddragon #unschooling
X marks Little Owlet. || #letterx
Autumn Float. || My first entry to the #levitation_photo_challenge and suggesting @mrmattlowe also enter! See @mattglastonbury for details.
My children are riding a Southern Elephant Seal. Your argument is invalid. || #elephantseal #biggest
Little Owlet shows Tiny where we live. || #unschooling #learnthroughliving
You gotta hold your breath under water. || #deepseadivers
My jumper is a bit large for Little Owlet (geez, it's even too big for me these days!). || #toobig #atleastitswarm

All photos by Huz. Find him on Instagram @berondi


  1. Such fun. Especially love that first photo!

  2. that top pic is awesome! hey thanks for the mug cake recipe. super good:) xx.


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