6 May 2013

dreams :: {part one}


When I was growing up, just a little older than Big Owlet is now, I'd visit Jeffrey's Bookshop with my pocket money and I'd look at art supplies. I'd walk past the shelves full of books to the dark back corner full of little shelves and glass display cases. I'd pore over all the paint boxes, tools, pencils and paintbrushes... I'd wonder at what things might be used for. I'd delegate a portion towards buying something small and some to save for a tin of Derwent pencils. I loved the smells and the colours. All that wood and pigment just waiting to be put to paper... The potential. The colour. I decided that one day I'd learn to use those tools. And one day I'd have my own art supplies shop.

About a year ago Huz and I sat down after a long day and we decided to make that tiny glimmer of a far-off dream a reality. The dream looks a tiny bit different now, but the chest of drawers in my hallway is home to a growing range of beautiful, colourful art supplies. Childhood fantasy realised.

I'm a bit of a dreamer, as my year 10 maths teacher can attest... "You're very vague and dreamy, aren't you...?" She sighed in exasperation over what, I don't remember, although the words have stuck. Vague perhaps, but dreamy indeed, and unashamedly so. Dreams are what propel us along and I've got lots of dreams to work my way through. Part two is a doozie. Stay tuned...

Do you have any childhood dreams that have been realised?
Are you a dreamer? 
Are art shops your favourite thing too? xx


  1. Totally, along with stationery shops & hardware shops. All just brimming with creative possibilities :-D

  2. Art shops, stationary shops and book shops - I loved them all growing up. My childhood collections included stickers, rubbers, note boooks and writing paper and fancy pens of all kinds. I loved my water colour pencils which my own kids are now using!

  3. I was so swept up in your narrative! I love art shops and art supplies. I often wonder if it wasn't part of the reason I went off and studied fine art at Uni after school. So many art supplies! I still love a blank page and a new box of pencils.

    Can't wait to find out about part two. :)


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