10 August 2013



So I've been a bit absent lately... We've been hunkering into the depths of winter here. It's been a hard slog. It always is for some reason. One of the benefits of keeping a blog is taking a peek back through the years and noticing the patterns.

Every year we promise ourselves a holiday in Winter. It seems to be the key to sanity for most who live on this island. Beautiful as it is, the days are short but yet seem soooo long...
But here we are, another Winter...

And it feels so beautiful and quiet and snuggly and hard.

I'm so tired. It seems that a decade of sleepless nights have caught up.
I miss my family on the big island up north and the ease and promise of imagined sunny days with cousins growing up together...

Some days being responsible for three small people all day... Who love you and take you for granted in equal measures (and you wouldn't have it any other way)... It's exhausting and lovely and hard. Like Winter.

I've been bursting with creative ambitions for so long now and there's just not enough energy or time to get everything out there into the universe that needs to be made, expressed, created, grown.
Or even just one thing. Before I fall asleep...
There isn't time. It's frustrating. It's hard work. And sometimes lonely. And everything's a little out of focus.


I'm trying my best to nurture myself with beautiful food, days with friends, exercise and snippets of time to work and create and spend time on our garden. That garden. The one that looks like a trench and weeds right now, but a lush, abundant forest in our minds... It's what brings it all back into focus. And the small and slow steps we are taking to its creation, on the days where there's sunshine, are what we are marking our days by. Pushing us forward to longer days, warmth and abundance.

How are you coping this Winter?
Are you looking forward to Spring?

Happy Saturday... xo

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  1. I can't wait for Spring! Winter leaves me feeling a bit sluggish. I can relate to your feelings of isolation...sometimes I wish my family was closer too. Hang in there x

  2. Ahh hearing you. Stuff is going to just blossom soon. A shift will occur. Lots of love x


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