17 August 2013


Sunny Blossom. || #eucalyptus #intothesun
Ocean Sounds. || #winterwalks #oceanwonder #seashell
When we've not been playing in the #spiralgarden we've been playing at #darkmofo and enjoying #spectratasmania in the rain! #rainbows
Winter solstice spiral #darkmofo #wintersolstice
Sunset Express. || #trainstation #yeolde
Friday night homemade Kimchi party at ours #soyum #winterveg #fermenting
Keeping our kitchen bubbling along this week through an abundance of winter veg #favebooks #yellow
These two amigos ❤❤❤ || #buddies #sisters
Co-op garden progress update #green #winterveg #coop #unschooling #naturallearning #tiny #garden
A nice little drop of snow on the mountain. || #mountwellington #thepassofcaradhras
A walk with Nanny through coastal white gum forest. || #lovetassie
Exhausted, sick, missing Huz... But there are worse ways to spend the day #sunshine #beach #winter #instatassie
Today we made this chook run out of bits and pieces in our yard. Not one nail or screw, just physics and chookspiration. || #chookrun #newconstruction
Big and Little Owlet are best buds. || #sisters #bestfriends
We have a small helper while we wrap orders and work this afternoon #spiralgarden #familybusiness #toddler
Captured this morning by @owletmama half way through my first ever 10-mile run. || #chasetherainbow #tenmilerun #running
We're out here maintaining childhood and innocence while big sis is in the tattoo parlour getting her first piercing ✊

Well this winter has gone by faster than I could blog it, so I've been meaning to have a catch up. Pip and Kate and a bunch of other lovely peeps thought this list was a great idea and I do too. Here's what's been happening:

Making : The most amazing chook fortress from found bits. We sewed it together and used bricks. Crafty.
Cooking : Kimchi. Best.
Drinking : My old fave - dandelion root coffee with raw milk and a drop of maple syrup.
Reading: Quiet. Learning so much about me and Little Owlet and how we move through this world. Amazing.
Wanting: More mulch than I can get my hands on.
Looking: Out the window at the big green patch where the mulch should be.
Playing: At darkmofo - Hobart got awesome for a while there.
Wasting: Not much. It's surprising what you can reuse if you think craftily about it.
Sewing: Nothing. There's been no time. Plus when I sit down I become food. Not happening anytime soon. Sad.
Wishing: There were more hours in the day and I didn't need sleep. Or that Tiny would sleep more. Not fussy.
Enjoying: Sunny days at our homeschool co-op and weekends with Huz.
Waiting: For Tiny's rotten teeth to fall out in their own time. So far so good. Just.
Liking: That the chooks are laying and Tiny's excitement over it.
Wondering: When Big Owlet will be my height. And if Little Owlet will ever sleep in her room (she says no).
Loving: How our owlets look out for each other and love each other. They really are besties. And decent sorts.
Hoping: I can get more fruit trees in the ground before it's too late.
Marvelling: At Huz and his new found love for running. Awesome and inspiring.
Needing: Just a little bit more time out in my week. Still chasing that perfect balance.
Smelling: Something in the fridge. It smells fermented. I think it might be kimchi.
Wearing: Keshet. Our unschooling mums uniform at co-op. Hilarious! We're thinking of asking for sponsorship.
Following: Tiny's little paths of destruction. She's quick. And cheeky. And stronger than me.
Noticing: The days are getting longer. Yay!
Knowing: I'll always have more that I'd like to do than I'm able to achieve. I'm like that.
Thinking: I really need to plan my time better so I can get to at least half of it. And I need to go to bed earlier.
Feeling: Tired. And a little overwhelmed. And like I've been saying that for a long while.
Bookmarking: Everything. My computer died. I'm starting again.
Opening: Parcels full of gorgeous stuff for Spiral Garden. The novelty still hasn't worn off.
Giggling: At cheesy jokes with Huz. We've been together for so long now we pretty much communicate that way.
Feeling: Excited by new ideas... but first sleep. 
Photos by Huz @berondi and me @owletmama on instagram.

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