6 December 2008

Big days part one - Spring's end

These last weeks before the end of the year are so big for all of us. Blink and two are already gone... We managed to clear a space and make a spring table before spring ended, much to the delight of both girls who were whipped up into a frenzy of flower picking and spring craft. While this was happening, Swayer was enjoying some sun, surf and space at a conference in Queensland. Hence the family centred craft. We missed him lots and were so happy to see him home last friday night. The following morning we went out for celebratory brunch and Audrey and I shared some french toast. Big Mistake. It will be a while before I trust brunch again. Its always a shock for me when tummy complaints happen as its never often. This time I earned the descriptive title "Stinky Dinosaur of Smelly Feelings", bestowed on me by Audrey which is really quite apt for last weekend.... *sigh*

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  1. I like this picture, it brings back memories of childhood for me. I am inspired to do some artwork this weekend! Thanks for the warm fuzzy feeling!
    Barb in Oregon


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