6 December 2008

Big days part two - Advent

Despite a bumpy start, festivities have begun. A highlight for us last year was our Activity Advent Calendar , so it was high on the agenda for December. So far we've decorated the table for Christmas, sung songs, read stories, had breakfast for dinner (a godsend when mummy can't stomach a trip to the kitchen!), and had a dress-up dinner. Here are my butterfly and island girls. Swayer was a kangaroo and I was a pirate (many suspicious looks from the island girl...). Best to keep those photos secret I think!

Amongst all this, kinder was in a frenzy. I volunteered for two days helping with pomanders, angels and candles. It was a crash course in Steiner education and a pretty good insight into Audrey's days there this year. I learned that its hard work maintaining such calm in a group of 15 kids and that Natural Learning/Unschooling is definitely for us! We're sad to be leaving a ready-made community of lovely peeps, but so excited that our days will flow more freely and learning will happen when we are ready. We'll still use a steiner-ish approach, but in a way that is a bit more relaxed and free, which we have the luxury of doing in a much smaller group. Lucky us. Now for some time out before Christmas and some much needed Twosuh time...


  1. This is an excellent photo! Those big blue eyes contrasting with the pink color is outstanding!
    Barb in Oregon

  2. Ah, you are so inspiring, Owlet! I might start a late advent calendar. :D

  3. Thanks! Barb, Swayer (my husband) can claim credit for the photo of Audrey and twosah... It really captures the girl and her fave thing well I think :)


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