25 December 2008

Oh happy day!

Our Christmas Eve feast food.

And Santa stockings I made for the girls...

One of the pleasures of Christmas in summer... melon, mango and cherries for breakfast...

One word was uttered... "cool".

My little christmas elf looking casual as in her new red silk cape, taking notes on the day as it unfolds...

Another fab thing about Christmas in summer - pav!

We had such a lovely day. A floaty day. One thing at a time, one gift at a time. We paused and enjoyed hanging out together...

...So I'm feeling tired and relieved all at once. No more *have to-s* for the year. I love this next week. Looking back and thinking forward before the year begins. Hopefully some quiet and lots of sleep. Have a merry one!


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  2. looks like a wonderful celbration.
    Pavlova - cool!

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