27 April 2009

Counting buttons

Our favourite math manipulatives... not the cuisenaire rods... my Nanna's old jar of buttons. First you sort them, then you count them, then group them...

So many favourites. Nice that they can play with the same buttons that kept me entertained so many years ago. Hours of fun there!!

I gained a new project on the weekend. I posted on freecycle asking for an old wooden dolls house I could do up for Xan's birthday... and someone replied!!! So its top secret, but I suppose I'll be spending time in the shed sanding and painting this enormous old dolls house. The dolls are going to look teeny tiny in it and Xan won't even reach the top rooms, but I don't think she'll mind. I'm imagining lovely things!


  1. Ooh wow, how fantastic! I haven't yet braved the world of freecycling as we tend to give and get amongst our friends anyway, but a dollshouse, now that's a great find.
    BTW go over to http://psbikes.com.au/gallery.html
    and check out some of the inspiring people riding around with their kids in the christiania. Even a pregnant woman with 2 other kids!!

  2. Your doll's house looks similar to one I repainted.


    Would love to see pictures of the finished product.


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