26 April 2009

My musical family

Its been a weekend of log fires and camping out in the loungeroom watching Myazaki films (the owlets favourite), and old Family Ties episodes... In between hot chocolates there was time for music making...

Little Owlet belting out the Alphabet Blues:

Audrey singing a completely improvised song about Mermaids:

Have a little look around on that Youtube channel and you'll come across Swayer's stuff. He's a musician by night and by weekend, usually serenading me while I post here. Have a look a little further and you might come across another family member belting out a tune... My darling Dad! Sorry Dad, wasn't going to post this but this video has been pretty big news around here this week. Its the first time we've seen Paree singing (or talking for that matter) as a young man. My sister and I have always held the belief that the pop star we heard on records couldn't possibly be him, but this confirms it I suppose. The next obstacle I'm facing is convincing the owlets that the man singing in the video is actually Paree. The 2yo won't hear a word of it. But, its most definitely Paree's voice and face and the mannerisms are familiar and the dimples and even the legs... but fortunately not the pants!!


  1. Oh, what a treat! What gorgeous girls! And your Dad...I see a little bit of you in him. :D

  2. My girls LOVED to see your girls singing. Fauna (my oldest) especially liked the part where Audrey hushed Xanthe in the background; such a familiar scene in our household. I can't believe that's your dad, what fun!

  3. So gorgeous, I really loved Aud's melody such a sweet song and Xan's little alphabet Blues really made me giggle, she seems such a free little spirit, reminds me of Hamish, you've gotta love a musical family xx


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